Stricken cargo ship back in port

Salvage crews have managed to board a huge cargo ship stranded on the Solent after it was deliberately ran aground.

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First of 1400 cars are off-loaded from rescued ship

For sale - nearly new 4x4 Credit: PA

The first of the hundreds of cars which made up the cargo of the rescued car carrier Hoegh Osaka have started to be off-loaded.

Four tugs towed the 51,000-tonne ship back into Southampton Port last Thursday after it had become stranded for a total of 19 days off the Hampshire coast.

Some of the vehicles are noticeably damaged Credit: PA

A spokesman for ship owners Hoegh Autoliners said that most of the cars had survived unscathed, while some had suffered dents and scratches.

An excavator had shifted punching a hole in the hull causing 3,000 tonnes of water to flood some of the car decks. The spokesman said that the condition of cars in this area was not yet known although "a small number" were under water.

1400 cars and agricultural machinery were on board Credit: PA

They were unloading the cargo for most of today, that involved driving the vehicles off, primarily the cars, some Minis and Land Rovers, but not much of the heavy equipment has moved off yet.

"They are expecting the full discharge process to be finished by the end of this week or by early next week depending on how quickly they can get them off.

– Hoegh Autoliners spokesman

Damaged cars taken off stricken ship

Damaged Land Rover removed from Hoegh Osaka Credit: ITV Meridian

Damaged cars including Land Rovers have been driven off the stricken carrier Hoegh Osaka.

The 51,000-tonne ship has a cargo for 1,400 cars and 105 pieces of construction equipment worth a total of £60 million.

ITV News Meridian has filmed a number of damaged vehicles being removed today.


Luxury cars unloaded from stricken ship Hoegh Osaka

A number of high-end cars have been driven off the stricken carrier Hoegh Osaka this morning.

The 51,000-tonne ship has a cargo for 1,400 cars and 105 pieces of construction equipment worth a total of £60 million.

The Singapore-registered vessel is moored at Berth 101 in Southampton Port after being deliberately beached on Bramble Bank sandbank on January 3.

The ship had to be beached after it began listing after leaving port.

The £60 million cargo being unloaded from Hoegh Osaka

Combine harvesters are among the vehicles being unloaded Credit: PA

Work continues on the carrier Hoegh Osaka which is moored at Berth 101 at Southampton Port.

The Singapore-registered vessel, which has a cargo of 1,400 cars and 105 pieces of construction equipment, worth an estimated £60 million, was beached deliberately on Bramble Bank sandbank, near Southampton, on January 3 after it began listing as it left port.

The carrier docked in Southampton Credit: PA
Crews have been working round the clock Credit: PA

A large stone cutter machine weighing more than 30 tonnes was in the way of crews being able to remove other cargo from the ship, which also includes JCB construction equipment.

Once moved, it is likely the other vehicles can be driven off under their own power, a spokesperson from Hoegh Autoliners said.

"It is still too early to say more about the status of the cargo. Once the vehicles have been landed, proper cargo surveys will take place by the cargo owners and their surveyors."

– Hoegh Autoliners spokesman

The company hope the discharge operation will be over by the end of the week.

An investigation by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch is underway.

Salvage team 'prevented environmental disaster'

Salvors who successfully brought the Hoegh Osaka back to port have been praised for avoiding an environmental disaster

But after 19 days stranded in the Solent - what now for the cargo ship - and the millions of pounds worth of cars and machinery on board? Richard Slee reports.

Hoegh Osaka now safely at its berth in Southampton

The stricken vessel arrives in port Credit: ITV

The Hoegh Osaka is now safely at its berth at Southampton Port. The salvors are currently in charge of the vessel and working to transfer responsibility for the ship back to its owners. Once the ship is safely transferred back to the owners, the Secretary of State's Representative, Maritime Salvage & Intervention, will have no further involvement.

The Hoegh Osaka ran aground on the Bramble Bank on Saturday 3 January.

Yesterday, at 1415, the Hoegh Osaka moved from her position in Alpha anchorage towards the port of Southampton. This was slightly ahead of schedule because the ship’s crew managed to lift the anchor quicker than planned.

The vessel was safely delivered to Berth 101 in the Port of Southampton, four hours later, at 1815.


Salvage crews hope to refloat cargo ship stranded in the Solent

Salvage experts are planning to refloat the stricken cargo ship stranded on a sandback in the Solent on the high tide tomorrow lunchtime. The car carrier Heogh Osaka was deliberately run aground on the Bramble Bank on Saturday night after it began listing and was in danger of sinking. Salvage teams have been on board the ship and now believe they can right her and pull her free. Here's our report from Richard Slee.

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