Cheeky magpie sneaks into supermarket

A cheeky magpie has been captured on film raiding the shelves of a supermarket after sneaking inside.

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Disgusted shopper finds magpie eating beef mince in Tesco

The magpie was on the hunt for some of Tesco's Finest Credit: Raquel Burchell

A 19-year-old woman who was shopping in Tesco with her mum said she was "disgusted" after finding a magpie pecking at a pack of minced beef on the shelf.

Raquel Burchell, said the bird then flew off and started eating bread and fruit while onlooking customers left the shop in Havant appalled.

Miss Burchell, who lives in Emsworth, said staff simply did not know what to do about the bird.

Tesco have replied saying they maintain the highest of hygiene standards at all times.

She said: "I was shopping with my family when my little sister spotted it. We were so shocked as were all the other customers.

"There was a woman next to the bird who hadn't spotted it and she just left her trolley there and walked out the shop. It was that shocking.

"Staff took away the packet it was eating and it then flew off and started eating bread and fruit. It was chaos."

"One of the staff said she was going to go home and get a net.

"Birds carry lots of germs and bacteria. you just wouldn't believe it could happen at a big company like Tesco. We ended up going to Lidl."

Thankfully it wasn't in the poultry aisle... Credit: Raquel Burchell

Tesco then responded on Twitter


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