Massive fire at Medway industrial estate in Kent

Kent Fire & Rescue are dealing with a massive fire at the Medway City industrial estate. A huge column of smoke has billowed into the sky and can be seen from miles around. Local residents are being told to keep their windows closed as a precaution.

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Video: Medway residents told to stay inside and keep windows closed after warehouse fire

People living near the Medway City Estate in Rochester have been warned to keep their doors and windows closed following a fire there earlier this evening. Andrea Thomas has been talking to Stuart Albon from Kent Fire & Rescue Service about the incident about how they've been coping with it.

Man taken to hospital with breathing difficulties following fire at Medway industrial estate

Fire officers say they have contained the fire to one building Credit: ITV Meridian

A man has been taken to hospital suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation following the fire at Medway City Estate in Strood. The fire broke out at the Viridor recycling plant at about 6 o'clock this evening. Fire officers say the building was empty, but a man appeared later. They think he was a member of staff who had been trying to tackle the fire. The fire is now under control and has been confined to one building. Plumes of thick black smoke from the fire could be sen as far away as East London, but the fire service said tonight, the fumes weren't toxic. Most of the material in the plant was cardboard for recycling. Residents living nearby were, however, advised to keep their windows and doors open.



Eyewitness images show huge smoke cloud over Medway towns from industrial estate fire

Fire crews in Kent fighting huge blaze on industrial estate

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