Plane heading for Gatwick bursts into flames

Passengers heading for Gatwick Airport in West Sussex were forced to evacuate onto the tarmac runway at Las Vegas when cabin crew noticed billowing smoke. The cause of the fire is not currently known.

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  1. Tom Savvides

Passenger describes how flames engulfed a BA plane

The pilot of a BA flight which caught fire on a runway in Las Vegas has said he is "finished flying." Chris Henkey, from Burghfield, near Reading, arrived back in the UK today along with passengers who were on board. Tom Savvides reports with interviews from the pilot's partner Lenka Nevolna, passenger Stuart Scheinman and Chris Henkey's neighbours, Roger Beale and Jacqueline Wood.


Pilot's partner is 'very proud' after BA jet fire

Just in: interview with Lenka Nevolna, partner of the BA jet pilot Chris Henkey. The plane caught fire at Las Vegas.


Video: dramatic pictures of fire on BA jet

Just in: video. taken from another aircraft, of the fire on board the Gatwick-based BA jet.

Passenger's picture of BA plane on fire

The Gatwick-bound plane is evacuated Credit: Luke Jones

A British Airways plane bound for London has caught fire during take-off at Las Vegas airport, forcing 172 people to escape on emergency slides.

The pilot told evacuated passengers that the fire had been the result of "catastrophic engine failure".

Dramatic Mayday call from BA Gatwick-bound flight

A recording of the moment a British Airways flight issued a mayday call after catching fire has been made public.

A member of the crew is heard requesting help from fire service before saying they were evacuating passengers onto the runway.

  1. National

Passengers tell of moment BA flight caught fire

Passengers on board a British Airways plane that caught fire at Las Vegas airport have told of the moment they were evacuated from the aircraft.

Sarah Savage told Good Morning Britain she heard a "pop" when the plane was about to take off before it "screeched to a halt".

"We saw billowing black smoke with flames and it started getting worse," she said.

Another passenger, Claire Corrigan, told the programme that people ran from the burning aircraft after evacuating.

"I think it was the fear that the plane with a full fuel load could explode," she said.

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