Dart Charge - almost one year on

The Dart Charge launched last November to speed up journeys at the Dartford Crossing.

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Dart Charge cutting journey times by 90 minutes a week

The removal of the toll booths and introduction of the Dart Charge is reducing journey times for drivers using the Dartford Crossing.

No toll booths means drivers have flexibility of when to pay Credit: Highways England

New figures released by Highways England show that journeys over the crossing are now up to 56% faster, with drivers at peak times saving around an hour and a half every week, up to 14 minutes southbound and seven minutes northbound.

Relieving congestion and speeding up journeys at the Dartford Crossing is what Dart Charge is all about. These really encouraging figures show what a difference Dart Charge is making for drivers.

Drivers commuting from Essex in to Kent are saving around 20 minutes a day, and others commuting from Kent to Essex are saving more than 15 minutes a day.

– Nigel Gray, Dart Charge project director

The Dart Charge means drivers can pay online, by phone, post, or in a shop instead of paying cash at a barrier.


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