Matthew Hamlen guilty of murdering Georgina Edmonds

A father who was previously cleared of torturing a grandmother to death for her bank pin number has been found guilty of her murder today in Hampshire’s first ever ‘double jeopardy’ case.

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The psychology of a killer

Georgina Edmonds' killer walked free from court four years ago. Only for his crime to finally catch up with him during this "Double Jeopardy" trial. ITV Meridian has spoken to Dr Hedwig Eisenbarth from the University of Southampton about the psychology of a killer. We asked her how a criminal acts when they get away with murder.

Code of a killer

The breakthrough in bringing Matthew Hamlen back to court for a 2nd trial, came after forensic scientists found his DNA on the blouse of Georgina Edmonds. We asked expert Dr Eugen Stulz from the University of Southampton - to explain to us exactly what DNA is. His fascinating explanation led him to the nursery rhyme - Mary had a little lamb!


Climate change protesters receive suspended prison sentences

A group of climate change protestors - who blocked the runway at Heathrow last summer - have today been given six week prison sentences, suspended for twelve months.

Airport bosses said their actions last July led to 25 flights being cancelled and others being delayed. The judge described the stunt as one of the 'worst ever cases of trespass.'

But there was plenty of support for the group today as they turned up at court. Also there, our Transport Correspondent, Mike Pearse.

Thirty years behind bars: reporter Andrew Pate describes background to murder trial

A man found guilty of murdering Hampshire pensioner Georgina Edmonds has been given a life sentence.

Matthew Hamlen thought he'd got away with the crime - after being acquitted at a trial four years ago. But justice for Gerogina did eventually come. Detectives refused to give up - and, with new DNA evidence, brought him back to court.

He'll spend a minimum of 30 years behind bars. Andrew Pate was in court .

Hamlen jailed for life with 30 years minimum for murder of Georgina Edmonds

Hamlen will serve a minimum of 30 years Credit: ITV

An electrician has been jailed for life and will serve a minimum of 30 years after he was found guilty following a "double jeopardy" trial for the "sadistic" murder of a 77-year-old woman in her home.

Father-of-one Matthew Hamlen, 37, was found guilty at Winchester Crown Court on of the murder of Georgina Edmonds - four years after he was acquitted of the same crime.

Georgina Edmonds was beaten with her marble rolling pin Credit: ITV

Mrs Edmonds was beaten to death with her marble rolling pin at her home where she lived alone in the village of Brambridge on 11 January 11 2008. She had been stabbed 37 times and beaten as she was tortured for her debit card Pin by Hamlen, who unsuccessfully attempted to use it in a cash machine.

The second trial was brought after further DNA evidence was found linking Hamlen to the crime scene. Tapings taken from the victim's blouse produced a DNA sample which was 26 million times more likely to come from Hamlen than from someone else.


Georgina's daughter: "Something died inside me"

With the horrific chapter in their lives now over, Georgina's daughter Doddie has been speaking to Andrew Pate - sharing the good times - and the memories of a much loved mother.

"Crucial piece of evidence was waiting to be discovered"

Every detail of this atrocious crime had been under the microscope. Every feasible forensic possibility explored. But Georgina Edmonds' killer was still at large. As the years passed though, there was one man who never lost focus and knew somewhere that crucial piece of evidence was just waiting to be discovered. Det Supt Martin Chudley talked to Fred.

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