Airline pilots call for action on drones after 23 near misses

A group of pilots are calling for more research to be done into the potential impact of a collision between a drone and a passenger jet, after a 23 near misses in the past year alone.

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After 23 near misses with drones pilots call for action

Airline pilot call for Government to back research into impact of drones on passenger jet safety

A group of pilots are calling for more research to be done into what would happen if a drone hit a plane - after a series of near misses - including one at Southampton airport.

The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA), says a drone passed within two wing lengths of an aircraft last July. In all, there were 23 near misses between April and October last year - including at Detling in Kent, RAF Odiham in Hampshire and at Heathrow Airport.

This report by Sally Simmonds is followed by an interview a representative from BALPA, which is calling for the Government to back more research into the consequences of such a collision.

Twenty-three near misses between drones & planes

A drone flying in the sky

Airline pilots are calling for new research into what could happen if an aircraft engine is hit by a drone.

There were around 23 near misses between aircraft and drones in the last year, including one at Detling in Kent, which came within sixty feet of a passenger jet. Pilots are also calling for existing controls to be better enforced.

Steve Landells from the British Airline Pilots Association said such an impact could cause engine failure or a cracked windscreen.


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