Local election results for South East of Meridian region

The latest local election results for the South East of the Meridian region.

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Round-up of local election results in the south east

The cheers were ones of relief in councils in the south east overnight - in the local council elections. Relief that, despite predictions, Labour held control of councils in Crawley and Hastings.

And in Thurrock where just one vote stopped UKIP becoming the largest party on the council there.

With a round-up, here's Vanessa Edwards.

Local elections: Success for Labour in Hastings

Labour have celebrated election success in Hastings. 17 of the council's 32 seats were up for grabs and the Conservatives were hoping to take some from Labour.

In the end they didn't, but they did hold on to the 3 they already held. Labour ended up with 14.

ITV Meridian spoke to Leader of the Conservative Group, Cllr Liam Atkins.


Local elections: Labour retain control in Crawley

Labour looked vulnerable defending a wafer-thin majority in Crawley, but strengthened their hold by retaining control of the council and winning an extra seat off the Tories.

ITV Meridian spoke to Labour councillor Peter Lamb.

  1. Phil Hornby

Labour hold onto Crawley and Southampton

There were two councils everyone was watching - Crawley and Southampton.

Labour looked vulnerable in both. If Labour lost, Jeremy Corbyn could be in big trouble.

In the end, they won, and instantly talk of an impending leadership challenge vanished into the night.

It was not a great election for Labour: they're coming third in Scotland and they have lost council seats overall. But crucially it wasn't as bad as many in the party feared. Which also means it wasn't as bad as some anti-Corbyn Labour MPs secretly hoped.

Interestingly, the south has come to Mr Corbyn's rescue. And his position will be strengthened if, as expected, Sadiq Khan becomes London Mayor.

UKIP almost won control in Thurrock, and are doing well in Wales. The Lib Dems made some gains, ands held on defiantly in their Eastleigh stronghold: maybe they have finally started out on the long, long road to recovery.

  1. Tom Savvides

Labour celebrates election success in Hastings

Labour has kept control of Hastings Council. Tom Savvides talks to the Labour leader of the council Peter Chowney and Liam Atkins, the Conservative group leader.


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