EU Referendum results in South of Meridian region

Thousands of people have been voting for Leave or Remain in the South of the Meridian region.

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South's farmers call for government protection after Brexit

The National Farmers' Union (NFU) has called on the government to put in new arrangements to protect British farmers following the vote to leave the EU.

Many farmers in the South rely on seasonal workers from EU countries and more than half of British farming's income comes from EU subsidies.

The NFU say that the government needs to commit to the following principles as quickly as possible to protect farmers:

  • Achieving the best possible access to Europe's markets, which remain extremely important to Britain’s farmers
  • Gaining access to markets in the rest of the world, while ensuring British farmers are protected from imports which are produced to lower standards
  • Ensuring farmers can get access to seasonal and full-time workers
  • Creating a British agricultural policy which provides farmers with the same level of treatment as European farmers - who will be their main competitors

Our members will rightly want to know the impact on their businesses as a matter of urgency.

We understand that the negotiations will take some time to deliver but it is vital that there is early commitment to ensure British farming is not disadvantaged.

It is vital that British farming is profitable and remains competitive, it is the bedrock of the food industry – Britain’s largest manufacturing sector.

– NFU President Meurig Raymond


Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas: "Cameron right to resign"

Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas says it is right for Prime Minister David Cameron to announce his resignation in response to the referendum result.

The Green Party MP - a staunch supporter of remaining within the EU - says that a period of calm is now needed to 'lessen the economic impact of Brexit'.

She is also calling for the Brexit camp to live up to their promise of handing back power to the people, which she says will only be possible if the House of Lords becomes an elected chamber.

David Cameron was right to announce his resignation this morning – and indicate that Article 50 will be invoked by the next Prime Minister. The country needs a period of calm over the next few months to lessen the economic impact of Brexit on working people up and down the country.

Brexiteers must now live up to their pledge to hand control to the British people by committing to proportional representation for the House of Commons and a fully elected second chamber. It’s abundantly clear that the two-party system no longer represents the will of the people, and that major reforms are needed to address the deep sense of alienation in so many of our communities.

Progressives must not now fight amongst ourselves. We must unite to challenge any planned post-brexit austerity or bonfire of environmental and workers’ rights. To engage in inter-party squabbling while our constituents suffer would be criminal.

– Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion (Green)

More results from west of region and Thames Valley

  • The BREXIT story played out in Weymouth and Portland - sixty one percent to GO. Just one per cent higher in Havant - at sixty two - wanting OUT of the European Union.
  • Swindon: 54.7%
  • Fareham: 55%
  • Weymouth and Portland: 61%
  • Bracknell Forest: 53.9%
  • Surrey Heath: 51%
  • North Dorset - 56.4%
  • Havant: 62.4%
  • West Dorset: 51%
  • Also contributing to the overall national picture, the Isle of Wight, Rushmoor, and South Bucks.
  • Isle of Wight: 61.9%
  • Rushmoor: 58.2 %
  • South Bucks: 50.7%
  • Purbeck: 59.1%
  • Bournemouth: 54.9%
  • Crawley: 58.4%
  • Eastleigh: 52.5%
  • Gosport: 63.9%
  • Portsmouth: 58.1%
  • New Forest: 57.8%
  • Test Valley: 51.9%
  • Chichester: 50.9%
  • Poole: 58.2%
  • Southampton: 53.8%
  • Adur: 54.6%
  • There were more REMAIN votes in the Thames Valley than in other areas. More than two thirds of voters in Oxford wanted us to stay in the EU. In Reading it was fifty eight percent.
  • Oxford: 70.3%
  • Reading: 58%
  • Hart: 52.4%
  • Vale of White Horse: 56.7%
  • East Hampshire: 50.5%
  • West Berkshire: 51.8%
  • West Oxfordshire: 53.7%
  • South Oxfordshire: 55 %
  • High levels of stay voters in Sussex, Lewes and Horsham voting Remain. Similar story for Winchester - the second strongest remain vote in our region.
  • Lewes: 52.1%
  • Horsham: 51.5%
  • Mid Sussex: 53.1%
  • Brighton and Hove 68.6%


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