Massive new orders at Farnborough Air Show

The biggest airshow in the world has opened with a multi-billion pound order for new planes from Crawley-based Virgin Atlantic.

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Farnborough Air Show boosts local economy

Farnborough Air Show is big, global business. But what does it mean to the local economy?

Divya Kohli has spent time with a range of local businesses to see how the Air Show makes an impact.


Prime Minister to visit Farnborough Airshow

The Red Arrows will perform but not aerobatics Credit: ITV News Meridian

Thousands of people are expected to attend this year's Farnborough Airshow today. Among them will be Prime Minister David Cameron.

It is also thought Sir Richard Branson will be at the show to order 12 multi- million pound environmentally friendly airbuses.

The event which is held every other year will see dozens of exhibits and demonstrations. The Red Arrows are set to perform, without aerobatics amid safety fears following the Shoreham Airshow Disaster.

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