Protesters gather in the South against Trump's inauguration

Demonstrations are taking place across the region against Donald Trump's inauguration as US President. Protestors are taking to the streets of Southampton, Portsmouth, Reading and Oxford.

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Southampton protestors; "We want want peace not hatred"

Demonstrators gather in Southampton in protest over Donald Trump's inauguration.

Unite Community and The People’s Assembly Against Austerity are hanging banners in a local protest.


Demonstrators gather against Trump in Oxford

Oxford Says; Bridges not Walls Credit: Tim Helweg-Larson

A group of peaceful protesters have gathered under the Bridge of Sighs in Oxford to demonstrate ahead of Donald Trumps inauguration.

Oxford Says; Bridges not Walls dropped its banner over the historical bridge at 830am this morning.

They are one of many protest groups around the country that hope to send a message.

More are expected to join them at 1pm at Radcliffe Square, to build and topple a cardboard wall and to celebrate the diverse communities of Oxford.

Credit: Tim Helweg-Larson

"This protest gives us a chance to really stand-up to the far right. We don't want anyone to be at risk of oppression. We hope to bring community groups together."

– Organiser Lily Gilder
Credit: Tim Helweg-Larson
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