Happy 100th birthday to Dame Vera Lynn

The 'Forces' Sweetheart', Dame Vera Lynn is celebrating her one hundredth birthday.

The singer was a popular figure during World War Two and entertained the troops with rousing renditions of songs such as (There'll be Bluebirds over) 'The White Cliffs of Dover'. She has had a special place in the hearts of the nation ever since.

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Dame Vera at 100: Birthday celebrations

Dame Vera Lynn spoke via internet link to children at her former school today as celebrations continued to mark her 100th birthday.

We hear from Dame Vera and speak to wartime veteran Bob Piper, and Pilar Cloud from the Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity. We also remember the man who wrote White Cliffs of Dover, Walter Kent.

Dame Vera 100th birthday wishes beam from White Cliffs of Dover

Dame Vera's 100th birthday tribute on the White Cliffs of Dover

A 350 feet high projection has been beamed onto the White Cliffs of Dover to mark the 100th birthday of Dame Vera Lynn today.

The image of the singer was commissioned to mark Dame Vera's special birthday on the 20th March, and the release of her new album, Vera Lynn 100, which features re-orchestrated versions of her most popular songs alongside her original vocals.

The singer, who lives in the Sussex Downs, has become a national icon since entertaining the troops during World War Two, and boosting the morale of the nation - with musical hits including 'The White Cliffs of Dover' and 'We'll Meet Again'.

Dame Vera Lynn celebrates a big birthday today Credit: PA


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