All the latest from the General Election 2017 results

Millions of voters headed to the polls in the General Election after seven weeks of campaigning. Results have come in from all parts of the ITV Meridian region.

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New MP looking forward to life in Westminster

The new Labour MP for Oxford East, Anneliese Dodds, is looking forward to getting her office up and running in Westminster. She said Andrew Smith, who held the seat for thirty years, was a hard act to follow.

'We're off to drink a toast to Theresa' - Eastleigh MP backs PM after election win

Mims Davies swore her allegiance to Theresa May after winning her Eastleigh seat with an increased majority.

The Conservatives regained the Hampshire seat with 28,889 votes to the Liberal Democrats' 14,710, the latter squeezed by a resurgent support for Labour who got 11,454.

The UKIP vote was massively reduced to 1,477 while the Greens finished fifth with 750.

Rachel Hepworth reports:

Rachel spoke to Mims Davies, the Liberal Democrat candidate Mike Thornton, and UKIP's Malcolm Jones.


General Election 2017: Eastbourne

The LibDems pulled off a big win in Sussex. Eastbourne has bounced to and fro between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives for more than 25 years.

Last night it was the turn of Stephen Lloyd. He lost the seat 2 years ago. Last night he turned the tables. Derek Johnson reports on a political comeback.

General Election 2017: Canterbury - a dramatic change

Here's a look at what happened in Canterbury in Kent, where Labour took the seat which had been held by Conservatives since 1918. The new MP defeating the long-standing incumbent, Julian Brazier, with a margin of just about 200 votes. The report is followed by an interview with Rosie Duffield, the city's new MP.


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Lord Howard: It's no time for a Tory leadership challenge

Lord Howard called on MPs to support Theresa May. Credit: PA

Former Conservative leader Lord Howard has said Theresa May was "absolutely right" to remain as Prime Minister to lead a new administration and called for parliament to support her.

He advised any Conservative colleagues considering mounting a leadership challenge: "Don't think about any such thing - support the Prime Minister."

Lord Howard acknowledged that Mrs May had not run a brilliant election campaign but the Conservatives are "the only viable Government in the new House of Commons".

No one can pretend it was the greatest campaign and obviously the result was disappointing but the thing to do now is to concentrate on the present and the future and that's what I urge everyone to do.

– Lord Howard
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