'Wartime bomb' confirmed as disused fuel tank

People in Peacehaven, in Sussex, have been housed in temporary accommodation. It was thought that a wartime bomb had been discovered. It turned out to be a disused fuel tank.

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Suspected WW2 bomb turns out to be old fuel tank

Residents have been allowed back to their homes after a bomb scare brought a town in Sussex to a standstill.

Builders in Peacehaven discovered what was feared to be a huge World War 2 barrel bomb, containing 1000lbs of high explosive.

Nearby homes were evacuated, and elderly residents forced to sleep in a leisure centre. Schools and roads were also closed.

It was eighteen hours before Army Bomb Disposal experts identified the object as a disused fuel tank, as Malcolm Shaw reports.

Police confirm disruption caused by disused fuel tank

The discovery has turned out to be a disused fuel tank Credit: ITV

Shortly after 8.30am on Thursday (7 September) Explosive Ordnance Disposal experts confirmed that what was feared to be a wartime bomb on a building site in Peacehaven is, in fact, a disused fuel tank.

Agencies are now working together to return the situation to normal.

The A259 South Coast Road has been re-opened and local diversions removed.

A 200-metre exclusion zone, which saw some 55 people having to spend the night at local reception centres, has been lifted. Displaced residents are now returning home.

The Peacehaven Heights and Telscombe Cliffs primary schools, and Peacehaven Community College, closed as a precaution, will remain shut for the rest of Thursday.

I'm sure everyone is relieved that this incident has been safely resolved, and I'd like to thank everyone affected for their patience and understanding.

In such situations safety is always paramount. Unfortunately no one was able to determine exactly what we were dealing with until painstaking work by bomb disposal experts throughout the night confirmed there was no danger.

– Superintendent Jane Derrick


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