School absence row: Mum's anger at 'get a grip' warning

A mother from Sussex has been angered by a high profile campaign warning parents they'll be fined if their children take days off school.

The advertisements' slogans tell parents to 'get a grip' and 'don't be a mug'. East Sussex County Council said it meant no offence. However the adverts have been called patronising.

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'Don't be a Mug' school attendance campaign causes a stir

Is a council justified in telling parents 'not to be mugs' and make sure they don't take their children out of school in term time?

Many, including a mother of three, think East Sussex County Council is being patronising, to say the least.

The words are used in a high-profile campaign aimed at improving poor school attendance in the county. But critics say it's ill conceived and short-sighted.

Our reporter Andy Dickenson has been looking at both sides of the argument and speaks to mother Lara Stutchbury and Nathan Caine from the council.


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