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Addiction expert: 'We must rethink our relationship with alcohol to avoid a health crisis'

Credit: ITV News

A leading addiction expert says we need to rethink our relationship with alcohol in order to avoid a health crisis.

Latest figures show the number of alcohol related deaths here has remained static for a decade.

It comes as a former addict has spoken publicly for the first time about how he almost lost everything because of his drinking.

Dafydd Jones has his story.

Dafydd spoke to Tony Wright, addiction psychiatrist Dr Julia Lewis and chief medical officer Dr Frank Atherton.

Details of some charities and organisations who can offer help if you are suffering from any of the issues raised in Dafydd's report are listed below:

  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Former gambling addict turns life around

Christmas is now well and truly over and whilst the partying and over-eating may have come to an end, for many people a nightmare could be about to begin - the nightmare of debt. Faced with bills for hundreds or even thousands of pounds, some find the new year too much to cope with.

It's not just about Christmas of course - for some, debt is a problem that can come from drinking, gambling, drugs or other addictions. Our reporter David Johns has been to meet a former City high-flier who lost his job, house, wife and all his money because of uncontrollable gambling - and hear how he turned his life around.

He speaks to former gambling addict Justyn Larcombe; David Trice from West Kent Debt Advice; and military collector Neil Thomas.


Thousands awarded to tackle drink and drug addiction

The EU has awarded £90,000 to a project in Brighton that tackles drink and drug addiction.

The 'Communities and Families Tackling Addiction' will run for three years.

Part of it will look at anti-social behaviour and lesson plans fro primary schools.

The project has involved working with two European partners, Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Calais in France, to share experiences and good practice.

The funding comes two years after Brighton & Hove City Council was awarded more than £200,000 to set up the project.