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Alex completes his first skydive after losing limbs

Only 20 months ago he had all four limbs amputated after contracting a devastating infection.

Not only is Alex Lewis learning to walk again and planning to cycle - he's just done his first skydive.

Alex joined amputee soldiers for the fund raising jump which was organised by the Pilgrim Bandits charity.

Kerry Swain has the story.

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Quadruple amputee Alex gets support from injured soldiers

Double amputee Jim Wilson meets quadruple amputee Alex Lewis

Soldiers who lost limbs in Afghanistan have pledged their support for a man who had both legs and arms amputated after a devastating infection. Alex Lewis from Stockbridge says there's little help for civilian amputees who want to get fit and their help will make a huge difference to his life.

The Pilgrim Bandits charity, based in the New Forest, was set up to help wounded soldiers live life to the full by pushing them into tough physical challenges. And just over a year after he lost all four limbs and part of his face, Alex has been invited to go sky diving.

The soldiers say they can also offer valuable advice about the best prosthetics. The high tech artificial limbs Alex wants are not available on the NHS and over his lifetime will cost around a million pounds. He has launched a trust to raise the money.Kerry Swain has this report.


'I feel lucky to be alive' Alex's remarkable story of recovery after a devastating illness - Exclusive

Alex Lewis has been sharing his story about how a devastating illness changed his life forever

A man whose arms and legs were amputated to save his life after he contracted a devastating illness, has said he feels lucky to be alive.

Alex Lewis, a man in his thirties from Hampshire with a young family, thought he had just caught a cold. However, it turned out he had a case of the rare condition Strep A Toxic Shock Syndrome.

The father-of-one is now devoting much of his time to raising money to pay for artificial limbs, so he can regain his mobility and independence. He is also raising funds through the Alex Lewis Trust for the hospitals which treated him.

In an exclusive report - Kerry Swain has been talking to a very brave and remarkable man.

Alex Lewis has shared a detailed account of his story and his campaign on his website.

Alex Lewis before he became ill

Hampshire amputee launches campaign to raise money for artificial limbs

A man who lost his arms and legs after contracting a severe infection has launched a campaign to raise money for artificial limbs.

Alex Lewis from Hampshire, says the NHS can't provide him with the very best prosthetics that he feels would help him regain his mobility and independence. He believes new limbs will cost him a million pounds over his lifetime. He's also collecting money for the hospitals that helped to save his life.

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