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Award for puppy, tied to railway line

A Hampshire dog with a remarkable story is to receive a special award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare at the House of Lords. Anatolian shepherd dog Haatchi suffered horrific injuries as a puppy after being tied to a railway line and hit by a train.

After surviving the amputation of a rear leg and his tail, Haatchi struggled to find a new home. His future looked bleak before he was eventually adopted by Colleen Drummond, her fiance Will Howkins and his seven-year-old son Owen, in Basingstoke.

Attempts to reopen Ramsgate to transport live animals

Ipswich Port has suspended the live transport of animals to Europe leading to fears the shippings could return to Ramsgate.

The trade moved to Ipswich, a week ago, following its suspension from Ramsgate.

The ban came after 500 sheep had to be unloaded from a truck in the Kent port. 46 of these sheep died. Two drowned, two suffered broken legs and a further 42 had to be shot on the advice of a vet because of their lameness.

"I am aware the National Farmers Union is attempting to re-open Ramsgate. I say to them that they should respect the views of the people of Ramsgate, Ipswich and this country that there is no place in a civilised and compassionate society for this vile trade that causes so much suffering to animals."

– Gavin Grant, RSPCA Chief Executive

Nine week old puppy with broken hip dumped in a box

Vet staff have named the puppy "Don" Credit: RSPCA

An injured nine-week-old puppy has been found dumped in a cardboard box in a vet surgery car park in Bicester.

The white and tan coloured Staffy-type dog was unable to stand. Staff from Bicester Veterinary Centre carried him inside and found that he had a badly broken hip and gave him pain relief.

He was later operated on to repair the bone and is now making a good recovery.

CCTV footage showed a man acting furtively in the car park at about 2pm. He was slim, wearing a purple T-shirt and was seen leaving a box on the ground between parked cars before jumping over a wall.

RSPCA inspector Doug Davidson said: “This poor young pup spent more than two and a half hours in pain in the box in the car park before he was discovered. He could easily have been further injured by vehicles, especially if he had managed to get out of the box.

“The person who left the dog there may have thought they were doing the right thing by leaving him at a vet surgery, but it is always unacceptable to dump an animal – as an owner you have a duty to look after your pets.

“Thankfully the puppy is now in good hands and will go on to have a much better life, but we urgently need to speak to the young man on the CCTV to find out what he knows about the incident which happened on August 1st”

It is illegal to cause unnecessary suffering to an animal and those found guilty could face a maximum six-month prison sentence and/or a £20,000 fine.

Anyone with information about this incident should contact the RSPCA inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018 and leave a message for Inspector Davidson