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Kent's Youth Commissioner 'not undertaking public engagements' following reports of affair

The Youth Commissioner for Kent, Kerry Boyd, is under fire following reports of a close relationship with a 50-year-old ex-Tory Councillor, according to the Sun. Ann Barnes office said the 20-year-old has been temporarily relieved off her duties whilst enquiries continue.

We are supporting Kerry at this difficult time for her. We are concerned that Kerry did not feel able to disclose the full extent of her personal circumstances earlier but as further enquiries are taking place it would be inappropriate for us to comment further.

As part of our support for Kerry she is not undertaking any public engagements for the time being.

– Statement from Ann Barnes office
  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Row after Channel 4 PCC documentary

It's been described as "car crash" TV. A documentary about Ann Barnes, Kent's Police and Crime Commissioner, that was shown on Channel 4 last night, prompted astonishment from viewers and disappointment from the Force.

Today Mrs Barnes says she's disappointed in the way the programme was put together, and frustrated that the good work of her office was not sufficiently highlighted.

David Johns reports, speaking to Mark Reckless MP, Ian Pointon of the Kent Police Federation, and supporter of Ann Barnes, Lynne Beaumont.


  1. Andy Dickenson

Police commissioner fears more cuts on the way

Kent's Police and Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes has said that she is worried that the county's force may be facing further cuts - just two years after its budget was slashed by 20 per cent.

The commissioner has been visiting villagers campaigning against potential cuts, even though she admits that at the moment it is 'just a rumour. Andy Dickenson reports.

  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Special Treat for Kent Specials

Ann Barnes has announced that Kent's team of Special Constables will have the police part of their council tax paid for them, by the force, from 2014.

She says although the money is what she calls "a drop in the ocean" it's an important thank-you gesture to the officers, who are all unpaid volunteers. David Johns has the story.

He talks to Deputy Chief Constable Alan Pughsley, Special Constable Mohammed Rahman, Kent PCC Ann Barnes, Chief Officer of Kent Special Constabulary Gavin McKinnon, and Special Constable Jason Bushell.


Special constables play a 'significant' role

These are ordinary men and women who do an extraordinary thing - they give up an enormous amount of their own time often whilst juggling ‘the day job’ and play a significant part in frontline policing as volunteers. They are an inspiration to all of us and their dedication and commitment to keeping our streets safe is second to none.’

– Ann Barnes, Kent Police and Crime Commissioner

Ann Barnes gives Kent 'specials' a reward

Ann Barnes Credit: ITV Meridian

The Police and Crime Commisioner for Kent has announced a bonus for special constables. Ann Barnes says she will acknowledge the work done by the volunteers by arranging for them not to pay part of the council tax.

The move will be in place from April 2014 onwards and will apply to all Special Constables who have provided two years of service and meet other criteria.

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