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Food breaks during round the island swim

Anna Wardley with a support boat during her round the island swim Credit: Simon Jessop

Swimmer Anna Wardley has become only the fourth person to swim around the Isle of Wight. At some stages during the swim, she needed a food stop ever half an hour - taking about 57 feed breaks during the attempt.

The sea temperature for her swim was about 16.8 degrees centigrade. This was several degrees warmer than the 13.9 degrees she faced in Tiree.


Swimmer is fourth to circle Isle of Wight

Anna Wardley during her swim round the Isle of Wight Credit: Simon Jessop

Gosport swimmer Anna Wardley has become the fourth person to swim around the Isle of Wight, in a time of 26 hours, 33 minutes and 28 seconds.

She successfully completed the swim as part of her charity fundraising challenge to swim round five islands.

The Isle of Wight was the last island she had to tackle. She previously had to pull out of a swim around the Isle of Tiree after becoming extremely cold and having trouble breathing.

Swimmer on her last Five Island Challenge swim

Video. An endurance swimmer from Hampshire has begun her swim around the Isle of Wight. This is the last swim for Anna Wardley, in her 150 mile Five Island Swim challenge.

She has already swum around the island of Dragonera off the coast of Majorca, Portsea Island in Portsmouth and Jersey. She abandoned her swim around Tiree, in Scotland because of hypothermia.

Swimmer retires after hallucinations

Hampshire endurance swimmer retires from swim around Tiree Credit: Matthew Pryor

British endurance swimmer, Anna Wardley, has retired from her challenge to be the first ever person to swim around Tiree island.

She gave up her swim after 16 hours, 9 minutes and 8 seconds as she covered 22 miles of the 30-mile circumnavigation.

The swim was called off as Anna was hallucinating and was so cold her chattering teeth were preventing her from breathing properly.

Anna said after her swim: “It was really tough out there today and I am utterly exhausted but I’m proud of what I achieved, although it was not what I set out to do.”

For the first 15 miles of today's record attempt, the tide and wind were against her.

Anna lives in Gosport and has become the first person this year to successfully swim around Jersey under 12 hours.

Swimmer taken out of water 22 miles into record attempt

The Hampshire swimmer making a record attempt to become the first person to swim around Tiree has been taken out of the water after 16 hours, nine minutes and eight seconds.

Anna Wardley, from Gosport, had completed approximately 22 miles of the 30 mile swim in the Inner Hebrides.

A statement from her support team said they are focusing on getting her warm and onto dry land.


Hampshire swimmer attempts round-Island swim

Anna will swim around the island clockwise Credit: Seagrass Communications

A Hampshire endurance swimmer is set to swim solo around the Hebridean island of Tiree tomorrow as part of her Five Island Swim Challenge.

Anna Wardley, 37, will swim non-stop around the island and will be braving 6ft-long lion mane's jellyfish and sharks.

She started the 30-mile swim, which no-one has ever attempted, at 3am this morning and is due to finish at 6pm tonight.

She will be swimming under the rules of the British Long Distance Swimming Association, which means only wearing a swimsuit, cap and googles.

Swimmer completes Portsea challenge

Anna Wardley, 36, has completed her non-stop swim around Portsea Island Credit: Heather Ewing

Gosport based endurance swimmer Anna Wardley, 36, has completed her non-stop swim around Portsea Island.

The 7 hours 20 minute swim makes her the first person to officially complete the 21km route, subject to official ratification by the British Long Distance Swimming Association.

She negotiated one of the UK’s busiest commercial and Naval harbours in 13 degree C water.

Anna said: “It was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have hoped for better conditions.

"Swimming through Portsmouth Harbour past the HMS Warrior and the Spinnaker Tower felt incredible."

Anna Wardley, 36, has completed her non-stop swim around Portsea Island Credit: Heather Ewing

Last month she began her campaign of extreme swims with a trip around the island of Dragonera off the south west coast of Mallorca.

She will complete her final three swims - comprising of Jersey, Tiree in the Inner Hebrides and the Isle of Wight - next year.

Chilly challenge for epic swimmer

Endurance swimmer Anna Wardley from Gosport is to swim non-stop around Portsea Island today as part of her five island swim challenge. The 36 year old is raising money for the samaritans with the epic swim - covering a total of 150 miles.

Portsea Island will be followed by the Isle of Wight and Jersey. Then she'll be taking on the chilly waters around Tiree in the Hebrides, before travelling to the warm Mediterranean and swimming around the island of Dragonera off Majorca. Richard Jones reports.