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Army veteran fights off intruder

Burglar Martin Airey thought a pensioner's bungalow at Herne Bay in Kent would be an easy target.

But the 84 year old owner, Army veteran Alfred ''Johnny'' Eyles, had other ideas.

He knows about the military power of 'surprise'. He also owns a highly menacing gardening tool.

Jenna Verdicchio reports.

Fight to keep Invicta Park army barracks in Kent open

Campaigners fighting to keep open an army barracks in Kent say that over 200 years of military heritage will be lost if the proposals go ahead.

The Maidstone MP, Helen Grant, is among the supporters of efforts to keep the site open. She says the decision to close the Invicta Park army barracks will be a negative step for the army. Nashreen Issa reports.

In the report we hear from Helen Grant MP, Conservative, who represents Maidstone and the Weald; Sir Julian Brazier, Conservative, MP for Canterbury; and Lt Col Brian Awford, a former Commanding Officer.

Bring in the army - MP urges action on rail dispute

The government is being urged to bring in the Army to drive replacement buses during strike days on Southern Rail.

The Sussex MP Tim Loughton says more must be done to help passengers who've endured months of delayed and cancelled trains.

Companies across the South-East are counting the cost of the dispute, as Malcolm Shaw now reports.

Blind veterans take part in world championships

A team of three blind veterans makes up the first civilian team to compete at the Pace Sticking World Championships at Sandhurst.

Military charity Blind Veterans UK is entering a team that, as well as being the first non-serving team to take part in the competition’s history, also has three of its members who are registered blind.

The blind veterans that make up the team are Kevin Alderton, Billy Baxter and Steve Birkin. They are led by the sighted Drum Major Tony Taylor. They are taking on pace sticking teams from across the Armed Forces and around the world.

The origin of the pace stick, which looks like a large pair of compasses, is claimed by the Royal Regiment of Artillery, who used a 'gunner's stick' to measure the distance between their guns in the field.


Army exercises show strength of reservists

The role of reservists in our armed forces has never been greater - with the latest figures showing they make up more than a quarter of the Army's strength.

The extra responsibility they now take has been illustrated in Dorset - with a series of exercises on the ranges at Lulworth.Duncan Sleightholme reports.

'Military tattoo' takes on new meaning for soldiers

Two former soldiers from Wiltshire have given a new meaning to the term 'military tattoo' by having inspiring messages engraved on their bodies. It's one way of helping veterans to overcome the physical and mental scars of war.

It comes as a new survey puts the number of ex-servicemen needing medical help at over 60,000. Bob Constantine reports.

Homeless for Christmas? Disabled former serviceman's plea for help

A disabled former serviceman - discharged on medical grounds - says he and his family face homelessness at Christmas after being given an impossibly tight deadline to quit their Army home in Kent.

Chris Lazzara's pleas for extra time to find alternative accommodation have been rejected.

John Ryall reports.

Have a look at the new 'bigger, better, safer' army field hospitals

Field hospitals are a crucial part of our military - treating patients in some of the most hostile parts of the world. But they can only provide so much protection.

Now, though, there's a new addition to Field Hospitals. A structure so big it would need to be flat-packed into more than a hundred shipping containers. But it's designed for pretty much anywhere. Medics have been putting it to the test on exercise in Hampshire. Emma Wilkinson reports.

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