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Crews tackle forest fire in East Sussex

Firefighters on the scene at Ashdown Forest Credit: Eddie Howland

An investigation is underway into a large gorse fire which broke out at Ashdown Forest in East Sussex.

More than thirty firefighters were called to the scene near the Box car park yesterday afternoon. The operation has now been scaled back.

Firefighters at the scene at Ashdown Forest Credit: Eddie Howland

Initial reports said an area of around 100 metres by 150 metres was alight.

One fire engine and a Land Rover from Crowborough; one fire engine, the water carrier and dual purpose truck from Uckfield; Land Rovers from Heathfield, The Ridge in Hastings and from East Grinstead, and fire engines from Forest Row, Hailsham and Wadhurst.

There are no reports of injuries.

Firefighters on the scene at Ashdown Forest Credit: Eddie Howland



Felines lucky to be alive

Three kittens found dumped in a holdall in the Ashdown Forest are lucky to be alive say staff from the Cats Protection's National Cat Adoption Centre. The trio, now named Piglet, Forest and Fidget, are not wild so would have struggled to survive being dumped.

“These are domesticated kittens who would never have been able to fend for themselves, particularly during this cold snap.

“The bag they had been dumped in was filthy with faeces so we're pretty sure they had been contained in it but had managed to wriggle free. Had they not, they may never have been discovered.

“It is very sad to think of these very friendly kittens being dumped in the middle of nowhere and just left for dead, they are very fortunate to have been spotted by walkers."

– Danielle Draper, Manager of the National Cat Adoption Centre
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