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Badger cull could be extended to Dorset

There's increasing pressure for a cull of badgers to be extended to parts of Dorset. Farmers say TB is continuing to spread through their herds and are calling for the Government to act on pre-election pledges, to eradicate the disease.

Pilot badger culls started in Somerset 2 years ago. Now applications are being prepared which could see the cull extended to part of our region as Duncan Sleightholme reports.

Badger Army protest comes to Dorchester

A peaceful, family friendly protest against the government’s unpopular badger cull, which will return to Somerset and Gloucestershire this summer, will take place in Dorchester on Saturday.

Organised by Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare, the event welcomes people of all ages to take part in a walk through the town centre. Speakers will include leading anti-cull spokesperson Dominic Dyer and Dorset Badger Vaccination Project.

The public have shown time and again that they are dead against these culls and the science has shown that they are a waste of time, money and lives. We encourage people to join us for the march in Dorchester and to get actively involved in protecting badgers and bovines by stopping the cull and promoting vaccination of badgers, improved biosecurity on farms and stricter cattle movement controls”.

– Andrew Butler from DBBW

I’ve worked in the agriculture and food industry for most of my career, and this is the worst agricultural policy I’ve seen in 30 years. I’m sympathetic to farmers, but culling badgers simply won’t work. Ordinary people from around the country have come out to protest against this barbaric cull, and we’re looking forward to seeing many of them come to Dorchester."

– Dominic Dyer, CEO of the Badger Trust

The event takes place between 12-3pm, starting in Borough Gardens before marching down High West Street, with speeches in South Street.


Farmer's heartbreaking decision after his cattle catch TB

Video. A Dorset farmer who campaigned for the badger cull to be extended into the county has spoken of his despair at the discovery of TB on his farm. Paul Gould, from West Stour, began the heart-breaking task of loading a quarter of his prize cattle onto a lorry to be taken off for slaughter.

Eli-Louise Wringe spent the day on his farm and has this report.

Police appeal after attack on badger sett

Police are appealing to the public for information after the entrance of a badger sett was set on fire on the Isle of Wight. It happened at St Boniface Down and reported to police on March 31. It appears that petrol was poured into the sett.

Sergeant Richard Stapleton who is investigating said: “We’d like to hear from you if you saw anyone acting suspiciously in the area over the past few days."

A red plastic petrol container was left behind at the scene. The person responsible may have suffered injuries.

Hundreds protest against the culling of badgers

Up to 400 people gathered at Hastings Pier today, to demonstrate against the culling of badgers.

It is part of a growing protest against the destruction of badgers to stop TB spreading from badgers to cattle.

People at Hastings Pier, protesting against the culling of badgers Credit: Dominic Dyer

Families with children, local people and businesses as well as people from afar supported the protest.

A march in Brighton a few weeks ago attracted around 1000 people.

Two people dressed up as badgers to protest against the culling of the animals Credit: Dominic Dyer