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Last ditch bid to save Portsmouth Football Club

The fans of Portsmouth Football Club have given one last rallying cry for support as the club enters what could be its final week before liquidation. Administrator Trevor Birch has confirmed a deadline of next Friday - when - unless a deal has been done - the club will fold.

The Pompey Supporters Trust today revealed details of its bid - and announced the man who'd be their chairman. Click below for Sarah Gomme's report

  1. Sarah Gomme

BREAKING NEWS: Pompey fans announce preferred chairman

The fans of Portsmouth Football Club who have put forward a bid to save the team from liquidation have today confirmed who would become their new chairman - local businessman and lifelong Pompey fan Iain McInness.

Today he appealed to fans to back the bid which hopes to prevent the club from going under. Administrator Trevor Birch has given a deadline of next Friday.

The Trust's bid is one of two currently on the table - the second comes from Portpin, the company belonging to former owner Balran Chanrai. Negotiations continue with three remaining senior players who need to be off the clubs books in order for any bid to be successful.