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Dobby the owl on the mend after horrific attack

An owl which was left for dead after a violent attack by a three youths is making a remarkable recovery.

Dobby the owl who lives near Windsor Castle was taken on by a group of residents who were spurred into action by the bird of prey's plight. They raised more than £3,000 to ensure Dobby could get the best care possible from vets. Mel Bloor went to see how he is doing.

The interviewee is Sue Lee-Paterson, Dobby's owner.

Birds of prey to help police fight crime

Birds of Prey could be used to fight crime. Police are considering using eagles to intercept pilot-less aircraft, or drones, flying over the capital.

The devices have become increasingly popular, not just among fans of high-tech toys, but among criminal gangs too.

Luke Hanrahan reports.