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  1. Emma Hutchinson

The Last Word, January 2018

Crisis? What crisis? The queues of ambulances, and the patients in hospital corridors are not a crisis, says the PM. She's been to Frimley Park Hospital near Aldershot, where she told journalists the NHS was experiencing pressures, but was not in crisis.
Abortion: why is is provoking what one of our panellists describes as a twitterstorm?
And Brexit: time for a second referendum? Nigel Farage thinks one may be on the horizon.

  • Michelle Dorrell from Folkestone & Hythe Labour Party
  • Baroness Brinton from Kenardington in Kent, and
  • Maria Caulfield MP, the Conservative member for Lewes

All three panellists in the studio look ahead to 2018.

Will seafood companies be affected by Brexit?

It's an industry that employs thousands of people in Kent and Sussex - but there are fears seafood companies could be some of the worst affected by the UK's decision to leave the European Union.

Many fish producers use large numbers of migrant workers - and with the Prime Minister so far refusing to guarantee they can stay after Brexit, it could leave a black hole in some workforces. James Webster reports.

Labour crisis affects South East fruit farms

A year ago today, the UK went to the polls and voted to leave the European Union. The South East overwhelmingly backed that decision.

But while politicians have only just begun their negotiations to take us out of the EU, the impact of Brexit is already being felt by the region's farmers.

Two sides of the Brexit coin - Brighton and Gravesend react to leaving the EU

In the South East the majority of our constituencies voted to leave the EU - in fact more than a million people voted leave - that's 55 per cent of the turnout.

The most pro Brexit place in our region was Gravesham - where 65% voted to leave.

The most pro remain group was Brighton and Hove where 69% wanted to stay.

We've been back to both places to see if people have changed their minds. Andy Dickenson and John Ryall report.


Can the South East keep exporting after Brexit?

Credit: ITV Meridian

It's the business community that's likely to feel the biggest impact of Britain's departure from the European Union.

And here in the South East - where the vast majority of exports go to Europe - the effect will be significant.

Sarah Saunders reports.

Would Gravesham change its mind if it voted again?

Credit: ITV Meridian

In Gravesham 65% of people - about 35,000 of them - decided to leave the EU.

Fast-forward 8 months on - some businesses that voted leave are struggling with the weak currency. While other members of the general public are excited for the changes that may come.

John Ryall is in its largest town, Gravesend, to find out if people would change their vote if the referendum happened again.

The EU referendum vote divided Basingstoke

Credit: ITV Meridian

In Basingstoke 52 per cent voted to leave. The vote divided the Hampshire town the same way it divided the country.

Mel Bloor went back to to find out if the people would be swayed from their original decision if the vote was held again today.

Short-term benefits in Oxon but long-term uncertainty

Credit: ITV Meridian

The local economy of Oxfordshire depends on a mixture of elements including tourism and arable farming.

A farmer on the outskirts of Oxford believes that voting to leave the EU has made future growth in farming much harder.

But, a major tourism hot-spot in the city says that in the short-term a weak pound is bringing in more tourists.

Cary Johnston reports on the counties concerns for the future.

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