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Disruption after bus became stuck under rail bridge

The double decker bus was too big to fit stuck under a bridge Credit: British Transport Police

A bus became stuck after squeezing under a railway bridge at Bexhill in Sussex. It happened on the Hastings to Eastbourne line. Southern trains reported some disruption to services, but things are now back to normal.

Network Rail, The British Transport Police and Sussex Police were all called to deal with the incident.


Police issue video warning to teenagers: 'Stay off the tracks'

A warning is being issued to young people in the South East tonight - as figures show dangerous cases of trespass on our railway lines are on the rise.

The alert comes as shocking images are released of teenagers risking their lives by playing on train tracks across the country.

Andy Dickenson reports with footage from British Transport Police's 'Real Tracks' campaign, and interviews with Ben and Pearl Morris and Insp Mark Rushin.

Woman hit by train in Kent at start of 'long recovery'

The brother of a woman who was hit by a train at Chartham station in Kent, says she is at the start of a long recovery from the injuries she suffered.

Ella Akehurst suffered serious injuries in the collision Credit: ITV Meridian

Retired academic David Ashworth, 74, was killed instantly when he was hit by a train while trying to rescue 38-year-old Ella Akehurst.

Mr Ashworth was well-known to the Akehurst family, who have praised his selflessness.

We would ask for privacy for (Ella) so she can focus on getting well.

I would like to thank the hospital staff and emergency services for the care and support she has received.

I want to repeat our tribute to the heroism and selflessness of our family friend David Ashworth who tragically lost his life. Our thoughts continue to be with his family.

– Luke Akehurst

Family tribute to 'proud father' who died in Chartham

British Transport Police have named a man who died whilst trying to save a woman in an incident near Chartham rail station on Tuesday (June 16). David Ashworth, 74, from Canterbury, was a retired academic. He died whilst trying to save a woman.

"We are very proud of our father’s actions in saving the life of a young lady and clearly devastated at the loss of his life in doing so.

“Our thoughts are with the young lady, her family, and the train driver and we would like to add that we request privacy at this difficult time.”

– Family Statement


Man killed by train trying to save woman was from Canterbury

Police have confirmed a man killed by a train in Kent was a 74-year-old from Canterbury.

It's believed he died trying to save a woman who fell from a bridge onto the tracks at Chartham station yesterday. The 38-year-old woman, also from Canterbury, is in a stable condition in hospital.

The incident happened at Chartham station in Kent

Man dies trying to save woman who fell from a railway bridge

A man has been killed after reportedly trying to rescue a woman who fell from a railway bridge.

Both the man and woman were hit by a train after the woman fell from the bridge and onto the tracks. The woman is alive and receiving treatment in hospital.

The incident happened just before 11am this morning at Chartham railway station, where the tracks were closed until 2.30pm as emergency services attended the scene.

The train involved was the 10:22 service from Ramsgate to Charing Cross, which travels through Chartham station without stopping.

The woman was airlifted to Kings College Hospital where she is being treated for her injuries.

Trains from Ramsgate to London have been rerouted, with replacement bus services in some places.

People urged to report unwanted sexual behaviour

Officers from British Transport Police are encouraging passengers to report any unwanted sexual behaviour on the transport network.

A short film called Report it to stop it, promoted through Video on Demand channels such as All4, Now TV and YouTube, follows a woman’s journey in which she experiences escalating incidents of unwanted sexual behaviour on board a train.

Viewers are encouraged to interact with the film by deciding at which point they would report the incident by texting 61016.

The purpose of the video, which is aimed at women aged between 16 and 35, is to tackle under-reporting by raising awareness that people can, and should, report all behaviour that makes them feel uncomfortable and that the police will seek to take action as a result.

All front line staff working for BTP have undertaken additional training to raise awareness of what constitutes unwanted sexual behaviour. In tandemn, we have strengthened investigations of sexual offences and detection rates are on the rise.

“Everyone has the right to travel on the transport network safely and we will not tolerate any unwanted sexual behaviour. We want the travelling public to feel confident that we take every sexual incident seriously, no matter what has happened, and we believe what is reported to us. By working with our partners we want people to feel encouraged to report unwanted sexual behaviour, and to know we will do everything we can to find those responsible.”

– Richard Mann, Detective Superintendent of British Transport Police

Unwanted sexual behaviour is anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. You can report anything of a sexual nature, including rubbing, groping, masturbation, leering, sexual comments and indecent acts. You don’t have to prove that it was a criminal offence or intentional to report it, the police can investigate that for you.

A Tumblr site has also been created to provide information to help break down the barriers that prevent reporting unwanted sexual behaviour.

The site will ensure there is one location for all the information people need and actions they can take to report.

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