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Campaign stepped up to stop 'silent killer'

A campaign has been stepped up to stop what's described as a 'silent killer'.

Forty people die from carbon monoxide poisoning every year in England and Wales.

A further four thousand are hospitalised.

Katie Haines died from carbon monoxide poisoning Credit: ITV Meridian

Katie Haines had just returned from her honeymoon to her home in Wokingham in Berkshire when she drowned in her bath after inhaling carbon monoxide from a leaking boiler.

Petrol generator produced deadly fumes, killing guard

A security company have been fined for safety failings as a security guard was killed by carbon monoxide fumes from a petrol generator, whilst watching over a disused nursing home in Gravesend.

Security guard Arthur Ebirim, from Peckham, was overcome by the fumes as he kept watch over-night at an empty nursing home in Taunton Vale in October 2011.

The employers, Anchor Services (GB) Limited was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive yesterday after an investigation found serious flaws with how the generator was used.

The generator belonged to one of the workers and was also placed inside the lobby to provide power.

Anchor Services was fined £20,000 and was ordered to pay a further £35,656 in costs.

The petrol generator produced deadly fumes which killed a security guard in Gravesend Credit: Health and Safety Executive


Warnings over dangers of carbon monoxide

The charity Carbon Monoxide Awareness is holding its eighth National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week from today.

The group supports the many victims of carbon monoxide poisoning, their families and friends, and campaigns for greater awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide associated with the burning of gas, oil, coal and wood.

It also campaigns for changes in legislation covering the manufacture, installation and servicing of appliances burning these fuels, and lobbies the Government and industry to improve safety and raise awareness. Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service has pledged its support for the charity.