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Family's anxious wait for rehab centre after dad-of-two suffers cardiac arrest

Her partner was left severely brain-damaged, paralysed and blind. A young mother from Hove says she's still struggling to come to terms with the catastrophic consequences of his cardiac arrest.

Sabrina Mason says she has been overwhelmed by the kindness of friends, family and even strangers. But they now have an anxious wait for a bed in a rehabilitation centre. Charlotte Wilkins has our report below:


Emotional reunion for lucky pensioner and the paramedic who saved his life

A paramedic from Essex had an emotional reunion with a pensioner on Brighton Pier this morning, even though they don't actually know each other. Exactly one year ago today, 64 year old Brian Smith went into cardiac arrest while he was on the pier with his family. Off duty paramedic Mel Armstrong ran to the rescue and save his life. Andrea Thomas takes up the story.

Fixers: Cardiac arrest in the young

Russell Baker suffered a heart attack outside a cafe in Chatham a year ago. But he was lucky the owner had been a nurse, and was able to help him when his heart stopped.

What was unusual about Russell's situation was that he was in his early twenties, and exercised regularly. He never thought he would be someone who would have heart problems.

Now, Russell is spreading the word about the importance of heart health to young people. He wants to encourage more people his age and younger to undergo heart screening. Russell's story is the Meridian East Fixers report for January 2013.