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Consultation on plans to close two respite centres

Credit: ITV Meridian

Plans to close two children residential respite centres in Hampshire have gone to public consultation.

In the face of ongoing national austerity, the County Council says it's looking into re-designing the overnight respite service.

It wants to develop a less institutionalised approach.

The two care homes facing closure are Merrydale in Winchester and Sunbeams in Aldershot.

Credit: ITV Meridian
  1. Tom Savvides

Teens set up website for others in care

A group of teenagers who have spent most of their childhoods in care have helped to set up a new website offering career advice, shopping tips and information on health for their peers. They want others to learn from their experiences.

There are three and a half thousand children in care in Kent. The council believes an interactive website is one way of giving them help and support. In his report about 'Kent Cares Town' , Tom Savvides spoke to Theresa Jackson, Sophia Dunstan, David Tadese; and Tony Doran from Kent County Council.