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Christmas tree competition - prize - Downing Street trip

Now it might have been one of the warmest October days we've had for a long time. But Christmas tree growers from across the country have been gathering at Rolvenden in Kent, to compete for the award for best Christmas tree in the country.

We went along to meet them - and see what makes for a good tree. And how the market's likely to be this year.

And as John Ryall found out - a trip to Downing Street was the prize for the top grower.


"Pining" for Christmas, the big cats that can't get enough of our old trees

It's probably fair to say that Christmas is well and truly over, and no doubt you've all taken your decorations down by now. But what did you do with your Christmas tree? Have you ever thought of donating it to lions and tigers?

Yes, you did read that right. The Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent is appealing for people to donate their trees as toys for the big cats. Andrea Thomas has been speaking to keeper Briony Smith.

And if you want to donate your Christmas tree, you can get in touch with them directly:

Wildlife Heritage Foundation, Headcorn Rd, Smarden, Ashford, Kent TN27 8PJ Tel: 01233 771915

The sanctuary is not open to the public, but it does hold open days in July.