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Tempting fate - woman sits on crumbling clifftop

There are renewed safety warnings after a woman was photographed sitting near a cliff edge in Sussex, just above a massive crack in the chalk.

There's already been a series of cliff falls at Seaford Head over the last year, and experts say another could happen at any time.

But despite extra warning signs and fences, people are still risking their lives, as Malcolm Shaw now reports.

Crack appears in Dorset clifftop

A wide crack has appeared in a clifftop in Dorset.

It's estimated to be a foot wide and is on the cliffs above West Bay.

Geology experts say it will cause a cliff fall sooner or later and are warning people to take care if walking on the beach below.


Danger warning to keep off cliffs as crack appears

Walkers at a beauty spot in Sussex have been warned by the coastguard to take extra care after a crack appeared in the side of a cliff at Seaford Head. It follows a series of chalk falls on that stretch of coastline earlier on in the year. ITV Meridian has been speaking to senior coastal operations manager Graham Easton.

Warning after man seen sitting on cliff edge

Dover Coastguard are warning people not to sit on cliff edges Credit: Guy Hollingworth

There are renewed calls today for people not to behave recklessly after pictures of a man sitting on the cliff edge at Beachy Head in Sussex were released

This section of coastline has seen erosion take place over the past year. Dover Coastguard say the cliff edge is still dangerous - and they're warning the public to keep well away.


Cliff falls close coastal footpaths

Cliff falls have forced the closure of coastal footpaths in Dorset.

The access path to the beach at Castle Cove and Bincleaves area have been closed for public safety reasons.

The cliff adjacent to the flight of steps down to the beach has failed and cracks are opening up across the path’s surface.

During the coming weeks the condition of the path and steps down to the beach will be monitored.