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Deal gets vote as top coastal town

It's a jewel on the Kent coast, a top destination for folk from around the country. Yes, the town of Deal has been recognised, in a poll for a national newspaper, as one of the best coastal towns around.

David Johns has been to see what makes it so special; he speaks to local estate agent Nigel Colebrook, and MP Charlie Elphicke.

Divers fined after raiding ship without declaring items

Two divers have been fined £63,500 in fines and costs for taking artefacts, worth £250,000, from shipwrecks off the south coast.

David Knight and Edward Huzzey, from Kent admitted to nineteen offences.

They took and kept seven bronze cannons as well as lanterns, statues and other valuables.

The shipwrecks they targetted included a German submarine for World War 1 and an unknown 200 year old wreck carrying English East India Company cargo.

The items they took included eight bronze cannons, three propellers from German submarines, lead and tin ingots, along with various other artefacts.