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Cocaine stashed in carpet cleaning machine in Brighton

Half a kilo of cocaine has been taken off the streets after police discovered it in hidden in a carpet cleaner in the boot of a car in Brighton.

Cocaine hidden in carpet cleaning machine Credit: Sussex Police

The car, a black Lexus, was wanted by police after it had been marked as being driven without insurance along Preston Road, Brighton.

It was discovered parked outside the Grosvenor Casino in Grand Junction Road, in Brighton.

Sitting inside was Shingayi Bayayi, who admitted to police he had no insurance or driver’s licence and no form of identification to prove who he was.

Bayayi was given a six year custodial sentence, receiving a 10% reduction for an early guilty plea.

Shingayi Bayayi jailed Credit: Sussex Police

We did not expect to find the stash of cocaine in the car when it was first spotted outside the casino. Searching the vehicle was standard protocol, but as soon as we lifted the cleaning machine out of the car we knew there was something not quite right. It was the quick-thinking of the police officers to dismantle the machine that led to us taking a large amount of cocaine off the streets.

– Detective Constable Shirley White


Cocaine worth £350 million seized off South Coast

A joint operation involving UK and French law enforcement has led to the seizure of around 2.4 tonnes of cocaine from a freighter a few miles off the South Coast.

The Moldovan flagged MV Carib Palm was intercepted in the Eastern Channel. It had sailed from Colombia and was on its way to Gdansk in Poland.

The interception, led by French Customs and supported by Border Force and the Royal Navy patrol vessel HMS Severn, was coordinated by the UK's National Maritime Information Centre (NMIC) and the Maritime Analysis and Operational Centre - Narcotics (MAOC-N) in Lisbon.

The ship was taken to the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer where it was searched by French Customs.

In the UK the drugs could have had a potential street value in excess of £350 million.

The twelve crew members, who were Georgian, Turkish and Ukrainian, were arrested.

Surrey scientists devise new method for detecting cocaine use

Research led by the University of Surrey has created a new method which can determine whether the drug has been ingested, rather than just touched.

Dr Melanie Bailey said the test used a technique of chemical analysis called mass spectrometry and the results were checked against more commonly used saliva samples.

She said: "When someone has taken cocaine, they excrete traces of benzoylecgonine and methylecgonine as they metabolise the drug, and these chemical indicators are present in fingerprint residue."

"The beauty of this method is that, not only is it non-invasive and more hygienic than testing blood or saliva, it can't be faked.

"By the very nature of the test, the identity of the subject is captured within the fingerprint ridge detail itself."

Dr Bailey said she anticipated the test could see the introduction of portable drug tests for law enforcement agencies within the next decade and could simplify the process of drug testing which is commonly carried out by prisons, courts and probation services.

She added: "We are only bound by the size of the current technology.

"Companies are already working on miniaturised mass spectrometers and, in the future, portable fingerprint drugs tests could be deployed.

"This will help to protect the public and indeed provide a much safer test for drug users."

£40 million of drugs seized as banana boat is raided in Portsmouth

The cocaine was discovered in a banana boat Credit: National Crime Agency

Cocaine with a likely UK street value of more than £40 million has been seized following an operation involving the National Crime Agency, Border Force and the Irish Garda.

The drugs were seized following the search of the cargo vessel Star Stratos at Portsmouth port on Monday evening.

Approximately 300 kilos were discovered concealed within a shipment of bananas which had originated in Colombia.

Investigations are continuing both in the UK and Ireland in conjunction with An Garda Síochána.

Deputy director Tom Dowdall, from the National Crime Agency’s Border Policing Command, said: “Working with our law enforcement partners in the UK and Ireland we have successfully prevented a huge quantity of what is likely to be very high purity cocaine reaching our streets.

“Our investigations into the organised crime groups likely to be responsible for this shipment continues.

“This seizure once again demonstrates the international reach of the NCA and the impact we are having on the criminal networks involved in drug trafficking.”


Men jailed for 14 years for conspiracy to supply cocaine

Paul Neale and Adam St George have been sentenced to ore than 14 years in jail Credit: Hampshire Police

Two men have been sentenced to over 14 years in prison after an investigation into the supply of a class A drug.

Paul Neale, who is 26-years-old and from Sandhurst and 32-year-old Adam St George from Bracknell were found guilty of conspiracy to supply cocaine in Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

Another man from Bracknell Christopher Evens was sentenced to a two year suspended sentence and fined £8000.

Two other men on the trial were found not guilty.

Speaking after the sentencing, officer in the case Detective Constable Frank Cregan from Hampshire Constabulary's Serious and Organised Crime Unit, said, "The sentences bring what has been a very detailed and challenging investigation to a close.

"In the course of our investigation we have seized £160,000 and just over five kilos of cocaine and amphetamine to the street value of £417,765."

Cocaine seized at Gatwick

Border Force officers at Gatwick Airport have seized approximately a kilo of cocaine with an estimated street value of £100,000.

Border Force officers stopped Roy Michael Grizzle, from Redhurst Drive, Wolverhampton on Thursday after he arrived on a flight from Jamaica.

After questioning the 52-year-old, officers searched luggage and discovered the drugs in the false bottoms of three plastic bottles containing aloe vera drink.

Mr Grizzle was charged with the attempted importation and will next appear at Croydon Crown Court on 22nd November.

Seizures like this demonstrate how Border Force officers are at the forefront of the fight to keep illegal drugs and other banned substances out of the UK.

Anyone with information about activity they suspect may be linked to smuggling should call the smuggling Hotline on 0800 59 5000.

– Carole Upshall, Director of Border Force South

Massive cocaine smuggling ring at Heathrow arrested

A massive drugs smuggling ring have been smashed at Heathrow airport.

Eleven people, aged between 25 and 53, have been arrested in connection with the international, multi million pound cocaine smuggling ring.

It is thought to be one of the biggest in recent years.

Those arrested included a number of cargo workers for British Airways.

During the investigation, large quantities of near pure cocaine were recovered with a street value of millions of pounds.

The drugs would come into London Heathrow in cargo containers of flights from Mexico City. Once the aircraft arrived into the terminal, cargo handlers would quickly remove the drugs from the cargo containers before it was moved on.

Two charged after cocaine found in banana shipment

Border Force officers are investigating after they seized approximately 47 kilos of cocaine from a cargo ship at Dover on Sunday 8 September. The drugs are being examined but it's believed once cut and sold on the streets they could have had a potential value running into millions of pounds.

Officers from Border Force’s national deep rummage team found the drugs when they searched the hold of the MV Lady Korcula which was carrying bananas from Ecuador.

Two men, Carlos Aurelio Martinez Ponguillo and Fausto Humberto Flores Novoa, both from Ecuador appeared at Canterbury Magistrates Court on Tuesday, 10 September.

Both pleaded not guilty, were remanded in custody and will next appear at Canterbury Crown court on 30 September.

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