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Mums' food allergy cookbook gets thumbs up

Children enjoy a tasty and healthy meal Credit: ITV Meridian

Trying to find tasty and healthy recipes for children can sometimes be a challenge, especially when they have food allergies.

An average of two children per primary school classroom suffer with some sort of food intolerance and in most cases, they will be sensitive to more than one type of food.

That's why two mums from Surrey, both with children who have multiple food allergies, have written a cookbook that excludes eight major allergens from 100 recipes.

Heston plans to cook up success in the classroom

Now, how about this for a recipe: take a celebrity chef, add a squirt of liquid nitrogen and a sprinkle of schoolchildren.

What does that make? Well, the Government hopes it will be the recipe for success when it comes to getting more boys to take up its new Food Preparation GCSE.

Heston Blumenthal has stepped back into a classroom as part of the initiative. David Wood went to meet him.