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Cow has sinking feeling after getting stuck in bog

This cow got stuck in a bog near Southampton Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue

A cow was pulled to safety by fire crews after becoming trapped in a bog in Southampton.

Following a call from a local farmer, control room operators mobilised animal rescue specialist Buster Brown to Gaters Mill nature reserve, Swaythling, just before 5pm.

A 14-month old Aberdeen Angus cross heifer had become stuck in deep boggy mud and was trapped close to the River Itchen.

Crews from Overton, St Marys and Lyndhurst were able to place a strop around the cow's body and pull it free from the mud.

Buster said: "It's not uncommon for us to assist in such incidents and using prescribed methods approved by the veterinary industry, the cow was safely assisted to dry ground where it was returned back to its herd.

"The farmer was in attendance throughout the rescue and was very grateful for our assistance."

Warning over cow attacks on ramblers

Ramblers are being warned of the dangers of walking in fields full of cows.

East Sussex County Council is warning people that the normally docile animals can become aggressive towards walkers, especially when calves are present.

Last year there were a number of incidents nationally where walkers were seriously injured, and even killed by cattle while walking through fields.

The National Farmers’ Union and The Ramblers say cows can feel threatened by dogs and are, therefore, more likely to attack.

“Thankfully, serious incidents involving walkers and cattle are rare, but we would recommend that people take every precaution when enjoying the East Sussex countryside,” said Cllr Carl Maynard.


Heifer and baby rescued by fire service

The pregnant cow being rescued by Hampshire Fire Service Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue

Hampshire firefighters were involved in a dramatic rescue of a pregnant cow and her baby from a muddy pit in Crawley.

The heifer and her calf were saved from the pit with the calf being safely born minutes later.

A team of firefighters helped the calving cow out of the pit to safety Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue

When firefighters arrived, the cow was almost fully submerged in the slurry pit up to her neck, desperately trying to stay afloat.

Calving while submerged in the pit, odds of the calf being delivered were very slim.

As soon as the calf was delivered the farmer and vet set to work to get it to breathe.

After a challenging delivery, the mother and baby are fit and well and were standing up only 20 minutes after birth.

The cow and her calf have made a quick recovery Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue