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Who left crabs at a Brighton hotel?

A bucket of live crabs was left at a Brighton hotel Credit: PA

A bucket of live crabs left at a Brighton hotel is among the top items on a list of the most bizarre items customers have left behind in hotel rooms.

The crabs were found by staff at the Brighton Seafront branch of Travelodge.

A £10,000 engagement ring left in Oxford was among the most valuable items accidentally left behind in hotel rooms in 2012.

At the Oxford Peartree hotel, the Tiffany ring was found after the couple got engaged the night before but the ring did not fit properly.

The lucky lady had kept it in the box under her pillow for safe keeping, but in the morning she forgot to pick up the box because she thought she had placed it in her handbag.

She realised on the journey home and made a fast U-turn back to the hotel where they found it still under the pillow.

Other items on the list are a pet python called Monty, a winning EuroMillions lottery ticket, Harry Potter's wand, breast implants and a diamond-encrusted iPhone.

Budget hotel chain Travelodge named some of the items relegated to their lost and found offices across the country last year.

The company said that during the last 12 months, more than 20,000 books were left behind in its hotel rooms - 7,000 of which were Fifty Shades Of Grey.