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1 in 10 have fallen victim to cyber-criminals

Cybercrime is rarely out of the headlines these days - with universities the latest to be revealed as targets for cyber attack with hackers trying to steal sensitive research information. Cybercrime takes many forms - it's any criminal activity involving computers or the internet. In the first of a series of reports about the problem, Kevin Ashford has been finding out how the criminals operate - and the people they target.

Police launch cyber crime campaign

Thames Valley Police is launching the cyber crime campaign #ProtectYourWorld.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about online crime, encourage residents and businesses to take action to protect themselves and to report it if they fall victim.

Cyber crime can include a number of crime types, including: fraud, harassment and sexual offences.

Anyone can fall victim to cyber crime, but the #ProtectYourWorld campaign will focus on three key audiences that we know are vulnerable: young people, older people and small businesses.

The sharing of explicit images online or via text messages, also known as ‘sexting’, is a particular issue among young people. We have organised an event to get partner agencies together to explore online risks for younger people, share information and knowledge, and improve joint working to safeguard young people.

– Det Supt Nick John


Police officer dedicated to fight against cyber-crime

Jake Moore, Cyber-Crime Prevention Officer, Dorset Police Credit: Dorset Police

A rise in phone scams and email fishing attacks - has led Dorset Police to appoint its first specialised police officer.

Jake Moore has taken up the newly created position of Cyber-Crime Prevention Officer. He will hold educational talks in community centres, speak to school children about safety when using mobile devices and help protect companies against financial crime.

Dorset Police say policing and tackling cyber crime is a priority Credit: PA

Jake Moore has some tips on keeping yourself safe online:

Best-selling author joins launch of 'cyber crime' campaign

Best-selling author Peter James has joined Sussex Police at the launch of a new campaign to raise awareness of 'cyber crime'.

Recent figures show 84% of people living in our region have experienced an attempted cyber crime in the last year. 15% have become victims, with an increase in 'ransomware attacks'.

Here we speak to James and Chief Constable Giles York.

Man charged with cyber attacks on police and top universities

The William Gates Building, housing the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. Credit: PA

A 20-year-old man from Kent has been charged with cyber attacks on the websites of Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

Lewys Martin, of Dover Road, Walmer, is also accused of service attacks on the public-facing website of Kent Police.

Martin faces charges relating to the theft and use of personal data and allegedly failing to disclose passwords to encrypted equipment.

He faces prosecution following an inquiry by Kent Police's special branch investigations team and the force's digital forensic unit.

Police said he is charged with eight counts of "unauthorised acts of intent to impair operation of, or prevent/hinder access to, a computer" and three counts of "unauthorised computer access with intent to commit other offences".

Martin has also been charged with four counts of obtaining "an article for supply for use to commit/to assist in commission of computer misuse offence" and two counts of failing "to comply with a Section 49 notice to disclose the key to protected information".

He will appear at Maidstone Magistrates' Court on December 20.