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Work on new layout at Dartford Crossing to start today

Improvements to Dartford Crossing start today Credit: PA

Work on a new layout for the Dartford Crossing begins today.

Barriers are being removed as a new payment system will be introduced in October 2014.

Drivers will pay online, by phone, text or at one of numerous retail outlets instead of stopping at the barriers.

The new payment method will ease congestion and traffic at the Crossing.

Signs will also be installed to help drivers understand the new system.

Nigel Gray, Highways Agency Project Director said, "This advance work has been carefully planned to minimise disruption to road users and so will largely be carried out overnight when traffic flows are lowest."

New technology and road layout for Dartford Crossing

Artist impression of new crossing Credit: Highways Agency

Newer technology and a change to the road layout should help reduce traffic congestion along the Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing. The scheme will be launched during October 2014 and the following changes are planned: you'll be paying remotely rather than at the barrier as you cross.

You'll be able to pay in advance of crossing or before midnight the day after crossing. It'll be cheaper for those to have an account and crossing between 10pm and 6am will still be free.

This spring, the Highways Agency will be doing some advance construction work to prepare for the new remote paying system in October. After that, the crossing road layout will change and work is due to complete in the spring of 2015.

Residents get discounts over Dartford Crossing

A discount scheme which lets residents make unlimited trips across the Dartford Crossing comes into force today. People already registered in the Local Residents' Discount Scheme will be able to make unlimited trips over the crossing for £20 a year.

Meanwhile free-flow tolls will be operating at the crossing in October. It's hoped the new barrier-less system will help ease congestion for commuters.


Changes to charging at Dartford crossing

A new charging scheme to ease congestion and improve traffic flow at the Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing will go ahead next year.

Dartford crossing

It follows two consultations which found overall support for new legislation for drivers who don't pay.

The free-flow technology will enable motorist to go through without stopping at the barriers.

MP discusses plans for new Thames Crossing

Patrick McLoughlin and Jackie Doyle-Price Credit: ITV Meridian

The MP for Thurrock has met the Secretary of State for Transport to discuss plans for a new Thames crossing. Also on the agenda were improvements to the roads leading to the Dartford Crossing, and free-flow tolling.

The MP has repeated a call for local residents to get free passes for the bridge and tunnel.

REPORT: Bridging the future at Dartford?

The government has announced the start of consultations over building a new Thames Crossing. There are three options: Dartford, Swanscombe and a site near Gravesend. The cost could top £5 billion.

We speak to Roads Minister Stephen Hammond, Richard Knox-Johnston from CPRE Protect Kent, Cllr Bryan Sweetland from Kent County Council and Natalie Chapman from the Freight Transport Association.

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