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Drivers warned about deer on the roads

Drivers are being warned about the dangers of hitting deer Credit: ITV

Drivers are being warned about the dangers of hitting deer on the roads as the autumn mating season gets underway.

One of the high risk areas is the Ashdown Forest in Sussex.

It's estimated that there could be more than 70,000 deer related accidents a year across the UK.

Driver dies after car hits deer, then tree

The crash happened just after 6:30am this morning Credit: ITV Meridian

A woman has died after her car hit a deer and then crashed in to a tree in Hampshire.

It happened on the A33 near Micheldever at 6:30 this morning. The carriageway was closed in both directions for most of the morning.

The road was closed for much of this morning Credit: ITV Meridian


Rescuers use net to free deer who locked antlers

Rescuers used a special net to rescue the animals Credit: East Sussex WRAS

Volunteers from the East Sussex Wildlife and Rescue Ambulance have freed two deer whose antlers become stuck together during what is believed to have been a fight.

The rescuers think that a piece of rope on one of the deer's antlers somehow became entangled with the other animal's horns - locking the two together. The team used a special 'walk-towards' net to gain control of the deer, then cut the animals free from the rope and each other.

Untying the animals from the rope once they were put in the net took ten minutes. The deer were then released and both ran off. The incident happened at Dallington near Robertsbridge in East Sussex.

The deer were seen fighting in Dallington near Hailsham

Dramatic footage as deer is rescued from 40ft ledge

Roe deer is released into the wild after being trapped for three days

It was a case of hide and seek for East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service yesterday who had to lure a deer to safety after it became trapped behind a fence in Uckfield for three days.

The Roe deer was tricked into walking into a net which allowed staff to move it away from the 40ft ledge and release it into the wild.

“We are not sure how the deer got into the area but according to local residents it was stuck there for three days.

"I hid behind a tree stump whilst Trevor and Chris encouraged the deer towards me.

"I waited there hidden so the deer wouldn’t see me.

"It wasn’t long before I could hear the deer crashing through the vegetation and it the suddenly ran straight into the net.

"I sprang into action and called for back up from Chris and Trevor who quickly joined me in gaining full control over the deer."

– Kathy Martyn, East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS)

“The rescue operation was a dangerous one and although we ensured we stayed far enough from the edge of the 40ft drop we were worried the deer could be frightened and jump potentially to its death.

"Our approach had to be very careful and move into position quickly to encourage the deer in the right direction and into the net.

"These rescues are very stressful to both rescuers and deer and have to be undertaken as quickly as possible to avoid the deer having a heart attack”

– Trevor Weeks, ast Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS)