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Dental surgeries installing life-saving kits outdoors

When someone has a cardiac arrest, every second counts - and having access to a defibrillator can mean the difference between life and death.

Many defibrillators are available in public buildings, but now dozens are also being put up outside dental surgeries, as Richard Slee reports.

The interviewee is Tony Lynn, from the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Local Dental Committee.

Defibrillators at Southampton university 'will save lives'

Ten potentially life saving defibrillators will be placed around campuses at the University of Southampton for students, staff and members of the public to use if someone goes into cardiac arrest.

They will be at Highfield, Avenue and Boldrewood campuses, as well as the Winchester School of Arts.

External defibrillators can be used to shock an arrested heart back into rhythm before the arrival of an ambulance. They don’t require any specialist expertise and can be used by anyone, which is particularly important, as evidence shows they can triple the chances of survival.

The University of Southampton’s Professor Charles Deakin recently carried out a study highlighting the need for greater public access to defibrillators in Hampshire.

He said:

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen unexpectedly to anyone and the use of a public access defibrillator greatly increases the chances of survival if available in the seconds before an ambulance arrives. They are very straightforward and safe to use and involve no more than applying sticky pads to the patient's chest and pressing the 'start' button.

The University of Southampton is to be commended in its decision to install ten defibrillators across the campuses which will undoubtedly be used, and in time, save lives. They are setting a standard to which all public institutions should aspire.”

– Professor Charles Deakin

Fundraiser Tony rewarded for life saving donations

Fundraiser Tony Parris is honoured by SADS UK Credit: SADS UK

A fundraiser has been rewarded for donating 14 different defibrillators to his local community.

Tony Parris of the Burgess Hill Lions Club was inspired to raise the money after reading of a child who died of a cardiac arrest.

He's since given the life-saving devices to seven different schools and colleges.


Teacher saves pupil's life during interview

She went for a routine job interview and ended up saving a life. Tonight the parents of a schoolboy whose heart stopped during a PE lesson have praised teachers for giving them their son back.

Emma Denham's practice lesson was being observed as part of the interview process at The Mountbatten School in Romsey when 16 year old Sam Mangaro suffered a cardiac arrest.

But quick thinking Emma and three other members of staff gave him life saving CPR using a defribillator that the school had only recently purchased. Kerry Swain reports.

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