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Full report: Jury shown hammer used to kill pensioner

The jury in the Delia Hughes murder trial have been shown the hammer used to kill her.

The great grandmother, who was 85, was found dead at her flat in Ocean Village in Southampton last August. 25-year-old Jamie Boult admits killing her but denies murder.

At his trial at Winchester Crown Court today, doctors described Jamie Boult as paranoid and having no feelings. From the court, Martin Dowse sent this.


Jamie Boult told police his "intention was to kill someone"

William Mousley QC told the court that Jamie Boult was to later tell police that "his intention was to kill someone that day".

He added: "His choice of victim was simply because he was in the area where Delia Hughes lived and he took advantage of the fact the patio doors of her flat were open."

Mr Mousley said that Boult had also burgled a house near to his own four days earlier armed with an axe but no-one was at home that day. This is the subject of the second charged faced by Boult.

Boult was arrested after he smashed the window of a police car at Bitterne police station on September 16 2012 and started cutting his arms with a pair of scissors.

After he was arrested he went on to confess to the murder.

Jamie Boult denies the murder at Winchester Crown Court. The trial continues.

Pensioner "struck on the least eight times"

William Mousley QC told the court that Mrs Hughes, a widow with three great-grandchildren, was attacked in the bedroom of her ground floor flat in Ocean Village, Southampton, on August 18 last year.

She was struck on the head with the mallet-type weapon at least eight times and also suffered a crushed little finger and blows to her arms and her shoulders as she attempted to defend herself, Mr Mousley said.

He said: "She went into her bedroom where she was attacked and killed by Jamie Boult who was hiding behind the door waiting for her to come in....

"Having killed her or at the very least left her mortally wounded, he stole her jewellery and left her."


Man with "social phobia" denies pensioner's murder

Delia Hughes Credit: ITV Meridian

A man with a "social phobia" who only communicated with people over Twitter and the internet murdered an elderly woman with a lump hammer during a burglary at her home, a court has heard.

Jamie Boult, 25, of Chessel Crescent, Southampton, Hampshire, denies the murder of 85-year-old Delia Hughes at Winchester Crown Court. He is also on trial for the aggravated burglary of another property.

Funeral held for 85-year-old

Southampton Crematorium, where family and friends said goodbye to Delia Hughes Credit: ITV Meridian

The eulogy from Delia's daughter Beryl said: "Sadly we came to that awful, awful day when she was taken from us. Why her?" She said, in hindsight, she wished she hadn't persuaded her mum to move to Southampton.

She added: "But she wouldn't have had the closeness of her family round her, so I hope she will forgive me for that."

Flowers left for Delia Hughes at Southampton Crematorium Credit: ITV Meridian
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