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Diabetes roadshow highlights risks

The number of people having a limb amputated because of diabetes is high in Southampton and parts of Sussex compared to the rest of the country. Diabetes UK is calling for urgent action and is raising awareness with a new campaign launched today. The charity has created a display of 148 shoes, which represent the number of amputations in one city alone over the past three years. The shoes have been donated by amputees and celebrities, including X Factor winner Alexandra Burke, and our own Fred Dinenage. Juliette Fletcher reports.

Schools 'should do more to support young people with diabetes'

Schools must do more to support young people living with Type 1 Diabetes. That's according to the charity Diabetes UK. The illness can have devastating effects if it's not effectively managed. Now, a helpline is being launched to ensure that children receive the correct care while at school. Malcolm Shaw reports.

  1. Emma Wilkinson (@emmawilkitv)

Diabetes amputee urges others to check feet

'Put feet first' is the message to diabetes sufferers in Hampshire, which it's been revealed, has the highest amputation rate in the country.

New figures show more diabetes patients have limbs removed in Gosport and Fareham than anywhere in Britain.

Experts say in many cases, such drastic measures could be have been prevented.

A man who had to have his lower leg removed spoke to other patients at a workshop in Fareham, about the importance of regularly checking feet.

Emma Wilkinson has more details:

Diabetes patients presented with medals

Patients at a Surrey hospital who have lived with diabetes for a total of 418 years have been given special medals.

Frimley Park Hospital patients have been presented with Alan Nabarro medals at a celebration held to commemorate those living with diabetes for 50 years.

Patients and staff at the Surrey hospital Credit: Frimley Park Hospital

Dr Tringham from the hospital said: "It is great to see so many of you here today andonly you really know just how much an achievement it is living with diabetes,day in day out.

"When you first started you would probably have had glass syringes and thick needles to sterilise - now those things are in museums! Who knows what advances there will be in 50 years’ time?”


  1. Martin Dowse

Charity advises diabetics on fasting during Ramadan

Today marks the first day of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan when the Muslim community refrains from eating and drinking between sunrise and sunset for around thirty days.

Fasting can, though, be a dilemma for many people who also happen to have diabetes. They want to observe the fast, but that could mean putting their health at risk.

This year, the charity Diabetes UK is highlighting the dangers and assuring people that they can still follow their faith. The interviewees in Matin Dowse's report are: Nadeem Iqbal who has type 1 Diabetes, and Jenny Patel from Diabetes UK.

The heroic toddler who saved her father's life

Would you know what to do if someone went into a diabetic coma? Well, fortunately for one man - his TWO-year-old daughter did!

Little Willow Bassett rushed to the rescue when her dad Jason suddenly collapsed at home. The youngster had been taught to give him sweets if he became ill but when that did not work, she stroked his head until her mum rang and she was able to raise the alarm.

Her actions have been praised by paramedics who treated Jason at his home in Southampton. Kerry Swain has been to meet the little lifesaver.

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