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'Superman' inspired gym for disabled children turns to crowdfunding

Christopher Reeve was known to a generation as 'Superman' - starring in four films before a tragic riding accident left him paralysed in 1995.

But he went on with his wife to pioneer new treatments for serious spinal injuries - treatments now being used by a Paralympic athlete, among others, in Sussex.

The Neurokinex gym in Crawley is the first of its kind outside America and is now turning to crowdfunding to expand its work to help toddlers.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to David Smith, Jenny Suggit and Jamie Fielding.

  1. Tom Savvides

Paralympian talks disability with toddlers

A Paralympian is backing a campaign to educate toddlers in Kent about disability. A cartoon is being used by sixty pre-schools in the Maidstone area to show children that disability shouldn't limit ambition or success. This report by Tom Savvides includes interviews with Paralympian Steve Brown, pre-school manager Susan Taylor and footage from the cartoon Eddie & Friends, produced by Golding Vision and Wellbeing People.

Animal magic - special school builds its own farm

There's growing evidence that contact with animals can be a valuable form of therapy for children with disabilities.

Now, a school in Sussex has launched a fundraising campaign to build its own farm.

Chailey Heritage near Lewes cares for youngsters with complex physical conditions.

Staff say animals have a unique ability to help, as Malcolm Shaw reports.


Disabled could be 'hardest hit' by Southern Rail changes - full report

Fresh talks are underway between Southern Rail and union leaders to try to resolve the ongoing dispute over the role of the guard.

The two sides have been meeting at the conciliation service ACAS. This week's 5-day strike has been called off but that hasn't stopped further cancellations today - although things should improve by tomorrow.

But campaigners claim the real victims of any changes will be wheelchair users who could be forced to book their travel 24-hours in advance.

Andy Dickenson investigates and speaks to rail users Esther Fox and Sam Taylor.

Rogue websites target Blue Badge applicants

Parking reserved for Blue Badge holders Credit: ITV News Meridian

There's a warning about fraudulent websites claiming to deal with Blue Badge parking permits.

West Sussex County Council has received complaints from people who've paid excessive amounts rather than just £10 to cover the application.

We advise anyone applying or renewing a Blue Badge to use the Council’s or the Government’s official website.

Using a copycat website may result in your data being sold on to third parties. To ensure that you and your data is safe, always use an official ‘’ website.”

– Richard Sargeant, Trading Standards Team Manager
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