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Diving instructor charged with causing deaths - after 'accidental' verdict

A diving instructor faces charges of killing his girlfriend and friend on a diving trip to Malta - even though an inquest in Brighton has found both deaths accidental. Andy Dickenson reports.

Divers unravel mystery of burning flying boats

An incredible tale of bravery has been brought to the surface by a team of Hampshire scuba divers. In 1950 leading aircraftman Andy Anderson rescued two men who were stuck on board a burning seaplane.

His story went undiscovered until the Calshot Divers tried to unravel the mystery surrounding three iconic Sunderland flying boats. Charlotte Wilkins poke to Andy Anderson's son, John.


Waterfield: 'It's time to hang up my trunks'

Pete Waterfield Credit: PA

Hampshire's Olympic diver Pete Waterfield has announced he's quitting the sport.

The synchronised partner of Tom Daley said: "I always said that I would continue diving for as long as my body allowed me to and I'm so grateful to have had so many amazing years in the sport, doing what I love, but the time has come to hang up my trunks,"

Submarine dive to mark 100th anniversary of sinking

She's known as the mother of our modern underwater fleet. And, this week, divers have visited the wreak of one of Britain's very first Submarines.

Lying, upright in 30 metres of water - that's 100 feet - the Holland 5 was one of the first submarines accepted for service by the Royal Navy.

She sank 100 years ago and, to mark the centenary, the Nautical Archaeology Society dived to the site - to monitor her condition. Sarah Saunders went on an exclusive journey with them.

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