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Pupils & teachers call for 'fairer funding' for schools

Pupils and teachers from West Sussex have taken their fight for fairer school funding to Downing Street.

Campaigners say schools in their area receive £44 million pounds less than the national average. Some headteachers say they face having to lose staff and increase the number of children in their classes. They're calling for £20 million pounds to be made available.


Families hand anti-fracking letters in to Downing Street

Two mums, one from Salisbury, the other from near Balcombe in Sussex, hand delivered a message to Number 10 Downing street today calling on the Prime Minister to re-think his support for fracking.

Becky Martin set-up the campaign group 'Frack Free Families' saying the controversial technique of drilling for gas will harm future generations. Phil Hornby reports.

Families head to Downing Street to fight against fracking

Families from the south are heading to Ten Downing Street to deliver letters, poems and messages against fracking. Led by Salisbury mother, Becky Martin, they want to encourage a rethink on current proposals for exploratory drilling in the UK.

Families will travel to Downing Street to make their case against fracking Credit: ITV Meridian

A letter calling for a ban on fracking or at least a moratorium, with many more concerned, informed words are on the way to Mr Cameron from Frack Free Families.

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Man Tasered by police near Downing Street

File picture of a police officer demonstrating the use of a Taser. Credit: PA Wire

A 42-year-old man was Tasered after he was seen pointing a knife at his own throat near Downing Street in London, Scotland Yard said.

He was challenged by police just before 9pm yesterday but failed to respond so the electronic weapon was used.

The man had been shouting in the road and appeared to have a knife that he was pointing at his throat.

He suffered a minor head injury when he fell and was taken to hospital as a precaution.

He was later arrested on suspicion of possession of a knife and affray, and remains in custody.