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Medway memorial remembers the servicemen killed in WWI bombing raid

131 navy servicemen who were killed during a bombing raid during the First World War, have been remembered in a ceremony in Medway. It marks 100 years since the attack. John Ryall reports.

Hidden letters reveal lives of injured WW1 soldiers

Brighton's Royal Pavilion played a vital role in the First World War when it was used as a hospital for injured troops.

Now, hidden letters and other belongings have been found giving an extraordinary insight into the soldiers' lives there.

They were discovered by chance during renovations, as Malcolm Shaw now reports.

Ceremony to remember sinking of HMS Hampshire, with loss of 737 lives

The ceremony to mark 100 years since the tragedy Credit: Trudi Gough

A ceremony was held in Winchester to commemorate the sinking of HMS Hampshire in 1916 with the loss of 737 lives - including Lord Kitchener. HMS Hampshire struck a mine and sank off the Orkney Islands.

Lord Kitchener's 'Your Country Needs You' poster inspired recruitment campaigns.

A series of weekend events took place. In Orkney, a stone wall with the names of all those lost was unveiled.

The wreath laying ceremony in WInchester Credit: Trudi Gough
A poignant reminder of the sinking which claimed 737 lives Credit: Trudi Gough

Unknown WWI Kent soldier to be buried in Belgium

The unknown soldier's remains were found in Belgium

Preparations are underway to bury a soldier from Kent whose remains were discovered next to a First World War battlefield in Belgium. The soldier was killed in 1915 and although his identity is not yet known he is to be given a military funeral tomorrow with full regimental honours. Our correspondent Derek Johnson sent this report from the town of Ypres.


Sikh memorial unveiled to honour WW1 soldiers

Sikh memorial unveiled today Credit: ITV News Central

The UK's first national Sikh memorial in honour of those who fought during the Great War has been unveiled.

The memorial is the first of its kind and was made by a team in Basingstoke in Hampshire. The statue commemorates the 130,000 Sikh soldiers who fought in the First World War.

Major General Patrick Sanders says it is important to recognise the role of Sikh soldiers during the Great War, and to honour their bravery:

German aviator forever linked with the town of Gravesend

Aviator became the first and only German prisoner of war to escape from Britain. Credit: ITV News Meridian

A town in Kent is honouring its links to a unique piece of wartime history. A plaque and information board in Gravesend will remember the exploits of the only German prisoner to have escaped from Britain in both world wars. Derek Johnson reports.

Submarine VC hero remembered by four generations

A hundred years ago today Norman Holbrook lead an attack on an enemy battleship, an exploit which made him the first submariner to be awarded the Victoria Cross.

Four generations of his family gathered in Gosport to mark the occasion and celebrate their illustrious ancestor. Richard Jones reports.

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