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Airline allows electronic devices in-flight

British Airways will become the first airline in Europe to allow its customers to use electronic devices in the air.

From tomorrow, British Airways customers will be able to use their tablet devices in 'flight safe' mode from the moment they board the plane.

The airline has demonstrated to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that the changes will comply with all existing safety regulations.

Customers can now use their handheld devices during taxiing, take off and landing.

We know that our customers want to use their handheld electronic devices more, so this will be very welcome news for them. The easing of restrictions will provide an average of 30 minutes additional personal screen time. With around 300 people on a long-haul flight that will mean a combined total of approximately 150 hours extra viewing, reading or working! We are incredibly pleased to be the first airline in Europe to introduce these changes which will be of great benefit to our customers on any British Airways flight anywhere in the world.”

– Captain Ian Pringle, British Airways' flight training manager


Fog disrupts flights to and from London airports

Air passengers in the South East were facing delays and cancellations due to early morning fog.

Gatwick, Heathrow and London City airports were affected by the poor weather, with British Airlines having to cancel seven flights from Heathrow.

London City airport said, "Due to low visibility this morning, flights to and from London City Airport are experiencing disruptions. Passengers are advised to contact their airlines for more information."

Air traffic manage backlog of flights

NATS air traffic controllers are working with airlines toclear the backlog of flights following runway closures at Heathrow today.

Controllers at Heathrow airport, as well as airports in the South East, are working out which flights are most important to help contain the situation.

Both runways were closed at Heathrow this morningafter a BA flight to Oslo had engine problems and returned to the airport.

We have well-rehearsed plans and processes in place forhandling an incident like this but nevertheless it has been extremely busy forour controllers in Swanwick and at a lot of our airport operations.

– NATS Managing Director Martin Rolfe


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