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Festival for foodies comes to Brighton

Now, if you're stuck for what to eat this weekend there's no shortage of recipes at Brighton's Foodies Festival.

Thousands of visitors are enjoying the best produce being served on the seafront.

Malcolm Shaw went for a taste.

Don't throw away food and save £700 a year

The average family could save £700 a year by reducing the amount of food they throw out - when it is still perfectly good to eat.

A new campaign is underway to encourage people to plan their meals better and use up their leftovers. Our reporter, Hannah Gamlin, has been to meet one woman who says she's now managing to save £50 a month.

Mums' food allergy cookbook gets thumbs up

Children enjoy a tasty and healthy meal Credit: ITV Meridian

Trying to find tasty and healthy recipes for children can sometimes be a challenge, especially when they have food allergies.

An average of two children per primary school classroom suffer with some sort of food intolerance and in most cases, they will be sensitive to more than one type of food.

That's why two mums from Surrey, both with children who have multiple food allergies, have written a cookbook that excludes eight major allergens from 100 recipes.

Charity warns on forcing supermarkets to donate food

Volunteers are among the workers who distribute food to the needy

A charity in Southampton is doing its bit to feed the hungry and avoid food waste. Supermarkets donate surplus food to organisations such as Fareshare and Scratch, which then distribute the produce to those who need to be fed.

The issue is much on the agenda after the French government passed a law last week, forcing the supermarkets in France to give any extra food they had to charity.

FareShare say their work tackles the imbalance between food waste and poverty with the co-operation of their donors, but they say the French-style legislation could be counter-productive if a similar law were to be passed here in the UK. Andrew Pate has our report.


Easter chocolate warning for pet owners

Chocolate at a market stall Credit: Press Association

Pet owners are being advised about the dangers of chocolate this Easter, as vets warn it is the culprit responsible for the greatest number of poisonings in dogs in the UK.

According to figures, Easter is the second busiest time of the year for chocolate related health problems for dogs after Christmas.

Experienced veterinary surgeon Dr Huw Stacey, Head of Clinical Services at Vets4Pets, says a few preparations before the Easter Egg hunts start at home can prevent pet misery.

“Easter is a time when vets often see a significant increase in the number of cases of pets, particularly dogs, being poisoned by eating chocolate,” said Huw.

“At Vets4Pets we’re noticing a continual increase in the awareness of the dangers of chocolate to our pets, but it’s important we continue spreading the message."

Could this be the world's most expensive pasty?

Chef Richard Shaw's rather pricy pasty

A chef from Hampshire has created one of the world's most expensive cornish pasties - costing a mouth-watering £230.

Richard Shaw from Southwick said he hopes his VIP - very important pasty - will win at the '2015 World Pasty Championships' at the Eden Project in Cornwall this weekend.

His recipe contains Wagyu beef from Japan, black pepper from India and potatoes from the United States of America.

The cafe where you decide how much to pay!

Now, imagine a cafe where YOU decide how much to pay for your cup of tea or sandwich. It seems too good to be true, but in a cafe in Banbury that's exactly what you do.

The owner says she's relying on customers to do the right thing by making a suitable donation in a box next to the non-existent till. But will the idea of paying what you want catch on? Cary Johnston went to find out.

Is Winchester becoming the food capital of the South?

First Jamie Oliver (although he's now left), then Raymond Blanc - it seems Winchester is the place to be for celebrity restaurants.

Now chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has been in the city to open a new River Cottage Canteen.

It is the latest in a line of new eateries. Soon, Rick Stein is also moving in, making Winchester one of the food capitals of the South. Juliette Fletcher has more:

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