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  1. Philip Hornby

The Last Word, September 2016

Three months after we voted to leave the EU, what progress are we making towards the departure lounge? What do we want from Brexit?

And it's all change at the top: new leaders for the Tories, Greens, UKIP - and possibly Labour too. How will that change the political landscape?

To debate this - and more - Henry Bolton from UKIP, Suella Fernandes MP from Fareham in Hants, and Alan Whitehead MP from Southampton.

What does the decision mean for other grammars?

Approval for the first new grammar school in 50 years was announced by the Education Secretary today - with major implications for schools right across the country

Windsor and Maidenhead could well follow in Kent's highly controversial footsteps - and many others may go the same way too.

Christine Alsford has been following today's developments - and looking at the knock on for education here in the South

  1. Tom Savvides

Grammar school gets the go-ahead

Campaigners in Kent are celebrating victory tonight after the government gave the go-ahead to controversial plans for Britain's first grammar school in fifty years. The creation of new grammar schools is illegal. But the school approved today has been allowed on the basis that it's an 'annexe' of an exisiting grammar ten miles away. A victory for great education, say campaigners. A disgraceful dodging of the law, say opponents. Tom Savvides reports.


Campaigner hails Kent grammar school "a victory for parent power"

Weald of Kent Grammar School Credit: ITV News Meridian

Nearly fours years to the day since Sevenoaks parents launched their campaign, the Sevenoaks grammar school annexe has been granted approval by Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan.

The annexe of Weald Of Kent Grammar School will open in Sevenoaks in September 2017.

This is a victory for parent power, local determination and persistence.

Today's news is overdue recognition of the fact that a Sevenoaks grammar school is supported by the vast majority of local parents. This is because every day over 1,100 Sevenoaks children in years 7-11 travel to grammar schools in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, a round trip of up to 25 miles and two hours. This negatively impacts on their ability to learn, on their opportunities for hobbies and sport, on their opportunities to develop friendships, and on the time they spend with their families.

– Andrew Shilling, Sevenoaks Grammar School Campaign

Extra grammar school places for Kent?

ITV Meridian understands that dozens of extra places are to be offered to potential grammar school pupils in Kent for this September's admission.

The extra places will help cope with the over-subscription from 10 and 11 year olds for the Year 7 intake. Kent's grammar schools, especially in the west of the county, have regularly had far too few places for the number of candidates hoping to gain entry.